Dosing T3 !

Hello you lovely people I'm after some advise.

I was on 200mg of levo and my endo prescribed 20mg of T3 plus reduce my levo to 100mg. Taking the T3 in 2 doses through the day. But on the advice of shaws I am going to take it once a day with my levo.

I started on 10mg with 100 levo and thought I felt more energy .. that was a week ago and now I'm struggling for energy. I know it's a busy time of year and I'm doing xmas dinner (haven't got any food yet) ! But I feel exhausted. I've just increased T3 to 3/4 tab meaning 15mg but am tempted to up it to 20mg. ?

I'm wondering why do we have to start low and gradually increase ? I suppose I'm just a bit impatient !! Lol

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  • Sporty-mi,

    You could have started 20mcg T3 after reducing Levothyroxine. Your probably exhausted because you are under medicated. I would increase to 20mcg T3 now but split into 2 x 10mcg doses until you are used to 20mcg.

  • Aw thanks clutter .. I thought we had to start with a low dose and then increase ?

    Great well I'm going to increase to 20 today and hopefully won't fall asleep in me xmas dinner 😊

    Thank you for your advice and merry Christmas to you x

  • Sporty-mi,

    It can be a good idea to start low to see how you tolerate T3 while the higher dose of Levothyroxine washes out but only for a week.

    Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.

  • When I was put on T3 only after a total thyroidectomy the surgeon switched me from Levo to T3 in one day 100 Levo to 3x20 T3 and I did not suffer any problems (I was pretty ignorant back then) but I stayed on T3 only for 16 months and felt fantastic, but of course they soon switched me back to Levo when the only company that supplies in UK hiked the price up. Persevere even the combo works well.

  • Thanks salty .. it helps chatting to like minded people.

    Happy healthy Christmas to you x

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