Thyroid Nodules

Hi, Sorry if it's silly question but how would I know if I have nodules on my thyroid...I was diagnosed in Augusr, on 25 gram levothyroxene, and although I feel well I have trouble feeling full up not very hungry and something in my throat all the time. I have had three endocopies and a previous one said small hiatus hernia, the last one a year ago said no hiatus hernia but to stay on Omaprazole and have also now been subscribed 300gm ranitidine at night as stop reflux..I,havenot taken that yet..but could this threat feeling, which I had even before underaxtive thyroid test..

Thanks for your comments


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  • My gp told me i had no nodules and refused me a scan so i had it done privately. Turns out i do have loads of nodules but not big enough to biopsy

  • HI Joyce59, may I ask did the dr.examine your throat... or how did he come to the decision that you no nodules.... how were suffering , did you a feeling of something in throat..what kind of scan did you ha e and what was the cost p,ease 😊 Thanks


  • Hather,

    Nodules <1cm are rarely palpable and may not be detected when your GP examines your throat and neck. If your GP does detect a swelling or lump s/he should refer you for an ultrasound scan.

  • HI clutter, she never even asked to look st my throat, nor would give me a print out as I only had two blood tests but wrote down the readings..said my last endoscopy about a year ago was ok and prescribed ranitidine at night for reflux ..I take omaprazole before lunch away from 5 am levothyroxine..then said I,was doing fine for my age of 81.. which I am, I just go into half hour deep sleeps mid afternoon or evening, but don't feel tired at other times.. very tender wrist to elbow but thought that was typing etc. No depression,

    So therefore I don't make a blood test in the new year...chronic constipation as well..trying to overcome that ..not easy.. I walk every day ..what scan do they give for the thyroid please

    Thanks Heather

  • Hather,

    Ask your GP to palpate your throat and neck. If swelling or a lump is detected an ultrasound scan of your thyroid gland should be ordered to check the size and condition of your gland and any nodules and cysts.

    It's possibly the reflux which is making you feel there is a lump in your throat.

  • That's probably what she thinks, she's a nice but I get the feeling that she considers age a factor, and sometimes I'm scared to insist as basically I feel ok, and even the consultant re my gallbladder full of stones said op could be a risk if the symptoms weren't not that bad, so I said no, tho he said I could go back. Now I have reoccurrence of bowel prolapse, had that op two or three years ago..scared to have another one..not too goo d with anetstetics .. had a hernia repair as a result of the bowel op without anesthetics, I managed that pretty well tho..

    thx HAther

  • Hather,

    It would be very unusual for anyone over the age of 60 not to have a couple of thyroid nodules. 95% of nodules are benign and don't cause problems. If a large nodule is causing problems it would need surgery and general anaesthetic.

  • No she didnt examine my throat she seemed to assume my condition was 'only borderline as she put it' and told me no way would she refer me (she was very rude to me at this point) and said i should consider others who are ill. i told her that working as a nurse i already do that.I found a clinic run by polish drs and nurses who would do the scan without a gps letter. It was £60+£20 if you wish them to write to your gp with the results.

  • Thank you Joyce59.. my doctors are nice but as I am 81 and thankfully not too bad, and the sort of person that realises there are many worse I think maybe I should leave well takes a lot for me even to go to a mum lived to 96 and always said keep away from hospitals..not saying she's right..I have had a very difficult two years prior to losing my husband last year and four ops in the last five years, so I am grateful now life is a bit easier.. all these numbers seem hard to understand I think I am in range but not quite right so will see what blood test next year comes up with... and keep researching on why I feel full and not hungry..

    Thank you again. I will keep on here I am learning quite a lot and may ask for another endoscopy..last time I lost a tooth when they said bite hard 😮

    Had to buy a new plate after

    HAther 😊

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