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Hi all,

I am currently on 30mcg daily of T3 only. I have never managed to get above that dose due to symptoms of pooling and stomach issues. My most recent bloods at endo showed my TSH at 8 and that was only 2 hours after taking 20mcg of T3. Endo wants to add an additional 10mcg of T3 and 25mcg of Levo. He wasn't listening when I told him I cant get above 30mcg of T3. It's similar to when I was on Levo I could never get above 100mcg despite still be Hypo! My ferritin was 44 and I know I need to get this much higher. I have bought some NDT and would like to work up slowly whilst working on iron and adrenals. Just not sure how best to change from one to the other?



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  • Caz77,

    Start with 1 grain NDT which is equivalent to 25mcg T3. Try increasing in 1/4 grain increments every 2 weeks until TSH is 1.0 or lower.

  • Thanks clutter, do I just stop the 30mcg of T3 and switch to the NDT or do you do it gradual?

    Thanks for your reply

  • Caz77,

    You can switch straight over as there is only 9mcg T3 in one grain.

  • Are you dealing with your stomach issues? Do you think you have high or low acid? Are you taking anything for stomach problem?

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  • I have had lots of bubbling and noises and bloated from my stomach, usual gp says it's ibs, I am only taking mintec peppermint capsules, the main problem is I am struggling to tolerate iron and any vitamins with it being so sensitive. Wasn't sure if the T3 was causing issue as it all happened around the same time.

  • Hi,

    Try taking a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar before your meals, to increase your stomach acids. Get the stuff with the probotic bacteria in the bottle.

    It makes a nice salad dressing, too.


  • If you take apple cider vinegar its best to mix with water or water/juice.It does work. I also use Betaine/pepsin tablets before or after a meal. It's quite easy to take a few in handbag if you eat out. Because we're hypo everything slows down, and that's why we might have stomach issues as protein (meat, fish etc) cannot be dissolved properly.

    Vitamin/minerals might be better taken with food. I prefer taking them at lunchtime.

  • Yeah I have a bottle of Braggs Apple cider vinegar so I will try diluting it in some water and see if it helps. Think the fact I have remained so Hypo whilst being on T3 is like what you said Shaws everything has slowed right down.

    Thanks to all to replys, very informative.


  • Theorectically, on T3 only it is the active thyroid hormone so I don't don't how/why it didn't work for you. What dose did you get up to and what dose of levo where you taking before it.

    Levothyroxine is inactive and has to convert to T3.

  • I only got to 100mcg of Levo when on that only and 30mcg of T3 if I try even an extra 5mcg to the T3 I get pooling symptoms. I am considering doing another saliva test for adrenals, as the last time it was done it was yoyo of highs and lows. I know I need to work on ferritin.

    Thanks Shaws

  • 30mcg of T3 is also around 100mcg levo. Maybe that's your maximum of thyroid hormones.How long have you stayed on a 100mcg dose of levo and 30mcg of T3.

  • I was on Levo at 100mcg for 6 years and been on T3 at 30mcg for over a year. It just the endo isn't happy just now as the T3 is not suppressed for from it. He wants me to take 25mcg of Levo and an additional 10mcg daily. On top of the 30mcg I currently take. But I know I won't be able to tolerate that due to trying to take an additional 5mcg of T3 a couple of months ago and having problems.


  • I think our instinct can let us know what's best and how our body feels. I hope you find a dose that suits. You state:

    "It just the endo isn't happy just now as the T3 is not suppressed for from it."

    Did you mean 'as the TSH is not suppressed? :)

  • Yeah my TSH was 19 six months ago but that was 17 hours after the previous dose, this time it was 8 and that was 2 hours after taking 20mcg as I was getting bloods done for other things and nurse also done thyroid. Endo ain't happy due to the TSH being out of range.


  • Fistly NEVER take any meds for 12 hours at least before a blood test, it skews the results. Start on a low dose say 1/4 grain then build up over a few weeks.

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