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PALS was a waste of time

where do i go next

apparently she reveiwed mty symptoms and changed my medication from tiromel to liothyronine and recommended several tests

yes that happened but nothing said about the huge dosage drop

dr emailed and asked if i could add t4 to t3, she replied thats a department they do not support combination therapy but i could take a higher dose of levothyroxine

now im being seen by a locom consultant 21st october

no mention of a t3 increase because of low t4, no mention of her lack of thyroid knowledge at all

not a happy bunny right now

they just want me to get good treatment..........ok so ill forget seeing drs and endos and do what i feel best and self medicate

anyway this locum endo can run more tests as i aint doing well on T3 and my cortisol is sky high and i need to know why

im not happy sitting here exsiting any more

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I'm sorry you're disappointed with the response from PALS but I doubt it is part of their remit to challenge a doctor's treatment plan.


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