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Gp, what a waste of time

Went to Gp this morning,waste of time!!!. Asked me what, "how can we help our today"

Explained to them that I veal a bit better than before but only because I am taking some sup's (adrenal, Vit c)

"you got these of the internet" was their comment ,

"no, got them from a nutritionist" I said,

"you should not be taking them, all your results are in range"

"Then why an I still feeling tired, with the other issues"

"Don't know"

Will send you for some more tests!!

Gut doctor has come back with their results, they can't find anything wrong!!!

Asked the Gp about extreme fatigue and what can cause it,

"Don't know" was their answer

As I said, what a wiste of time

Opinions welcome!

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Have you asked for copies of your test results? If not, you should and you're perfectly entitled to receive them although the surgery can charge a nominal amount.

You need to take control of your health as your GP sounds useless.

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Well at least they were honest except that doesn't really help. as Clutter says, post your results and I'm sure there will be plenty of advice forthcoming.


When they say 'don't know' what they really mean is, 'Don't know, and don't care enough to find out'.

And then they criticise us for going to the internet!

Do post whatever results you have, as the others say.

Marie XX


Without knowing what all your test results are we cant really tell you what to do next but GPs like that make me so mad


I saw a doctor yesterday about my test results. I took in some bloods Tests more extensive than what the GP gives here, thinking she would like the fact I'm being pro active and spending my own money and she got all snotty!!! The don't have a clue if about anything outside of their very limited guidelines.

I had uveitis for years and it got worse and worse under the care of morefields so I spent thousands of pounds seeking help from a specialist in the US. Now... No uveitis. I told the doc here about that and she asked snotty and shaking he head " errr you didn't want to see a doctor here ?" So explained that they had now answers here and she kind of sniggered!!

I understand doctors see allot of people and must hear some daft stuff, and people probably argue allot with internet info which must be annoying, but there is no excuse to have an attitude and they seem to have lost the ability to give a dam

If any one can tell me where to get armour In the UK it would be great? Here or pm


I am sorry to hear that John35 but not a surprise really and I agree with you ! :)


Oh dear....the more I read about the experiences others have with their local GP/Endo...the more hysterical it all seems...I almost feel as though I am watching some sort of bad film.. and the worst of it is....someone's shut the blinking door to the cinema and I can't get out!! What are we going to do????


Oh boy do I recognise that! All I can suggest is you keep a diary for a couple of weeks and keep going back! Hypothyroidism is an autoimmune condition. Could be there is something else going on. My GP eventually added Vitamin D and B12, and then calcium. I felt slightly better after each but it took me over three years to get properly investigated for ither autoimmunes and my diagnosis still isnt fully sorted! Keep on at them!


So what do I have if I am borderline hyper/hypo graves and hashi's something else my Endo never explained to me so in the dark on that too. Have done a lot of surfing but can be exhausting and confusing not to mention a pain in the ass due to all the contradictions out there in space the WWW land lol :)


Yeah well. They have no budget (for anything except tests). I had a ferritin of 10 from private test, so GP decided to test it again after I'd been supplementing for 6 weeks. Now it is 15, just into normal range. So no iron prescription necessary. Even though I can now fall asleep standing up. For some reason, even with rubbish ferritin, my other blood levels are all normal, so I'm not anaemic, so no iron. But I'm still getting sent for another colonoscopy. I don't understand their logic at all.


Hi Tango1.Yup sounds that way and sounds like a lot of Dr's too! Maybe another opinion or another GP? it seems you are getting the brush of and your 5 or10 minutes (in and out the revolving door is up) lol :) Hope you get this fixed up properly soon..constant fatigue sucks as it affects all aspects of your life work, normal everyday living, relationship etc. I know I am in that boat and take meds to sleep but nothing really take the fatigue away :( x

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