waste of time

hi all just returned from my hospital appointment and what a total waste of time

tsh 1.11 (.350-5.50) endo will not test t3 or t4 or anything else, i have put on 8 pounds in the last 2 months (eat less exercise more he says ) pins and needles in hands and feet go and see your gp its not thyroid related, very tired in the afternoons take a nap he says, all my symptoms eg hair loss dry skin feeling cold low pulse palpitations constipation total weight gain 2stones 8 pounds are NOT THYROID related , so i will up my levo myself to 125 micro, and see what happens, i really thought this time i was in with a chance of getting something done, my husband says why are you disapointed you have been given a clean bill of health, ha bloody ha

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With GPs that ignorant, it's a wonder you all aren't in nursing homes. Loss of metabolism means you are on your way to death. When I was sick, my body was saying exactly that. What else would affect all those bodily systems except the thyroid? You must have felt totally abandoned. Your husband was being facetious, right? Take the necessary steps and do it yourself. Thank goodness you have other options. This aspect has become more and more popular in the two years I have been reading this blog. Patients have become intuitively smarter and taken action and deserve to be congratulated. Let us know how you do.

yes i will i cant understand why he keeps saying its not thyroid related i had my thyroid removed 18 months ago and started on 100micro levo upped to 125 then he reduced it back to 100 will be taking 125 tomorrow morning and not prepared to reduce again have just ordered some vitimin b12, c, d, selenium and iron, if the medical profesion wont help i will have to try myself and will keep posting

He keeps saying it because he is uneducated in thyroid and doesn't know what the symptoms are!

Yes, doing it oneself is the best solution! The pins and needles would suggest to me low B12 - caused by difficulty absorbing nutrients caused by low stomach acid caused by being hypo - but they don't know that! Howeve, it would be best to take a B complex with your B12 because they all work together.

Hugs, Grey

Sounds exactly like my doctor! Everything that is wrong with me is down to my age (45) and being overweight. Even though previously I always kept myself fit and active..

Get your own tests done through one of the suppliers available. Get rt3 and t3 tested. Then you may have to do what many of use here do and self medicate. But you need the tests so you can monitor yourself

Sure i resent paying for my ndt, but it is so worth it. I am in control of my health, and best of all, I am not a hostage of NHS incompetence.

BTW the pins and needles is classic Pernicious Anaemia

Tatty, ask your GP to test vitD, ferritin, B12 and folate before you supplement or you'll skew results. Pins and needles can be due to B12 deficiency and if you're deficient Intrinsic Factor and Gastric Parietal Cell antibodies should be tested to rule out pernicious anaemia.

You can order FT3 and FT4 tests via Blue Horizon and Genova thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

If FT3 is low and increasing to 125mcg T4 doesn't improve your symptoms in 8/12 weeks it may be worth considering adding a little T3 to a reduced dose of T4. Thyroidless patients don't always do well on T4 only.

have already asked for these tests but gp and endo not listening i felt better when i was taking 125 micro so will see how i go.

If anyone says 'eat less and exercise more' to me they are risking a punch in the face!! It doesn't work, nor has it ever worked long term!! You risk depleting any T3 you have in your body when you exercise.

I know, i really couldnt eat much less, and can only just manage to function daily life never mind exercise that would probably finish me off.

That is just awful. I so feel for you. This was exactly my experience with thyroid doctors - and I know the same is true for many here. Do these quacks know nothing about the thing they're supposedly specialising in?? I hope your husband was joking.

Don't forget Magnesium with that good list of supplements you mention. And if you're feeling exhausted all the time (and with that kind of 'help' who wouldn't feel worn out) an Adrenal supplement might be helpful too.

hi humphrey, husband not joking, he is of the same frame of mind as my endo, blood test normal so what are you complaining about, he is fed up with me not feeling well and not able to do the things we used to do together, thats why this forum is so important to me its the only place i get any help advice and support

My thyroid function blood tests were all "normal" (this was before I knew that "normal" only meant "in range"). I was continually told that my symptoms were not thyroid-related, it was so frustrating. From information I read on this forum, I learned that whilst it might not directly be my thyroid playing up, it could well all those vitamins and minerals that everyone here talks about. My endocrinologist finally agreed to test them all (taking my husband to my appointment made all the difference), and the results showed I was severely deficient in just about everything. She still never accepted that it was thyroid-related, but at least I proved myself right.

I am having to see lots of other "ologists" about ongoing health issues, and they ALL seem to know more about Hashimoto's and thyroid issues than the endocrinologist. I had an ophthalmologist tell me recently that the thyroid affects everything in the body, I suggested that she might like to put that in writing to the endocrinologist.

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