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The usual waste of time

Urologist recommended referral to endo, GP reckons not necessary as he can deal with hypo management and my parathyroid results are probably due to my Vit D deficiency. So now got 3 months of 3,200 unit capsules of D3 then back for more bloods. I questioned why they won't test my TS 3 cause conversion may not be working as I take lots of other medication, to which he told me it has been proved unnecessary as the T4 detects the "loop of conversion" 🤔.

Basically he will not refer me and urologist are not qualified to decide that such referral is necessary. Again I told him how ill I feel and that in view of my neck surgery maybe that could have upset my parathyroid but he was just not interested and didn't like me questioning his "diagnosis".

Don't know whether to be angry or upset

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Here is the place you let off steam when you have such a disappointing consultation.

You are both, upset and angry'. Quite rightly so, I believe.

Geordi you haven't completed your Profile so not aware of your thyroid history. I looked down your previous posts and your first one stated you were on 50mcg of levo. I hope you're still not on that dose.

After 3 years of being hypothyroidism and on 50mcg just doesn't sound right and no wonder you are suffering after 3 years. Your GP is ignorant in treating hypothyroid patients. The main job he should be doing is to relieve your clinical symptoms which isn't being done. He can cause you far more serious illnesses i.e. heart etc as we need sufficient levo for our blood to pump properly.

Is he so conceited - that a patient he's treated 'adequately' for three years and asking for help and a referral to a, hopefully, a more knowledge doctor and refuses.

He also quotes re testing T3:-

it has been proved unnecessary as the T4 detects the "loop of conversion"

what rubbish.

Change your doctor or go it alone like many members have been forced to do.

If you can afford it you can get your own Free T3 blood test from one of the recommended labs, I cannot see how you can get sufficient from 50mcg of levo.

"I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"

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Geordi, you were checked for kidney stones, right? But what about a full bladder examination? Blood came come from other than kidney stones. Also a person can have 'sand' which will cause bleeding as well. (Napoleon Bonaparte had sand.....very painful as well.)

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Geordi, Sounds like your GP is a right know it all. Is your parathyroid hormone high or low, and how is your calcium?

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Clutter is right for asking about your calcium level and your parathyroid hormone.

If your calcium is high, you shouldn't be given high dosage of vitamin D. And if you have to take vit D, then you should have blood tests every month.


Feeling sorry for you hope you can find a better gp and start to feel better 😁


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