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Thyroid hypothyroid diagnoise not sure what to do

Hi all,

I am a new memebr and just joined .

I am recently disgonise with thyroid function test which includes

Thyroid function test (x77wg)

Serum Tsh level (Xaelv) Above average result (8.25mu/l {0.35 -5.5}

Above high reference limit possibly subclinical hypothyroid results suggest repeat in 3 -6 months to exclude transient rise in TSH,unless already on treatment

now before that my GP said i have acid refluxes and i was on medication now when i eat anything it desturbm my thryoid and i went anotehr time and got my blood test so i got this reasult , i also got high chelosterol diagonised on my blod test as below

Serum Lipid leve (xe2q7)

Serum total cholestrol level (xaje9) is above range (5.7 mol/L {3.0-5.0}

Serum HDL cholesterol level ((44p5) is ( 1.14 mol/L {1.0-3.5}

Serum cholesterol /HDL ratio (Xaeuq) is (4.6 mol/L says

Than my vitiamins test i got vitimans D defiency diagonised

Serum vitamins D level (Xe2e7)

total 25- hydroxyvitamin D level (Xay6m) is (31nmol/L (30.0 -200.0)

target ranges total 25 hydroxyvitamin D (mol/L)

<30 deficiency

30-50 may require supplementation

>50 replete

Now please all seniour memebrs and those who have similar problems please shed some lights and let me know where to go from here . what otther test are good for me and i am thinking for private medical for my second opinion.

many Thanks

waiting for help

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I don't believe in this phrase at all:-

Above high reference limit possibly subclinical hypothyroid results suggest repeat in 3 -6 months to exclude transient rise in TSH,unless already on treatment.

You doctor diagnosed high acid and, I assume, gave you medication which you've now stopped? When hypothyroid we have a condition called hypochlorydria which means low acid and a higher cholesterol..

It is very common for us to have low acid which gives unpleasant problems and if they give us a prescription for high acid we feel worse. Our stomach needs acid to dissolve the food we eat, particularly protein and we take Betaine with Pepsin Tablets and/or a good Apple cider vinegar mixed with juice and/or water with meals.

I shall give you a list of clinical symptoms and to ask you to wait another three months is disappointing to say the least.

Email for a list of endocrinologists and choose one. You can put up the name on a new post and ask for a Private Message to be sent to you with info. We aren't allowed to put details about doctors on the forum.

A blood test for thyrod hormones should be at the very earliest and fasting. You can drink water. Allow 24 hours approx between you last dose of levo (when prescribed) and the test and take it afterwards.

(I am not medically qualified but have hypothyroidism which was undiagnosed/unmedicated but I was given different diagnoses but the right one)

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shaws I think you might mean hypochlorydria. Only doctors think we have hypochondria (lol).


Thanks :) I obviously thought I was copying the right one as I had a selection. You did make me laugh - you're right they all think we are hypochondriac instead of hypothyroid. I'm indebted to you.

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shaws , I'm sure I owe more to you for all the good advice you give. Much appreciated.

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Serum Tsh level (Xaelv) Above average result (8.25mu/l {0.35 -5.5}

it means my range is high above average possibly subclinical hypothyroid in the test report and results which i have posted but i need some feedback about mt blood report so what does it means and show?

I recently have stomach problem started too , i get pain and cant eat properly and i feel tiredness and anxiety and at night breathing problem.


Shaws has answered re your stomach issue. GPs will not usually treat with levo until TSH is ocer 10 hence need to test again but your thyroid is clearly struggling and needs treatment.

You need to supplement D3 and with K2 to ensure released calcium goes to the bones. you should also have tested B12 , folate and ferritin. Also antibodies need testing for to see if you have autoimmune thyroiditis i.e. Hashimotos.


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