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T3 in France

Hi, just to fill you in.l saw my doctor in France today to ask for T3(Cynomel). As you know l have been buying Armour and there are now problems getting this in France from my supplier. She looked at me blank and said it didn't exist and that l didn't need it , there was only T4 in France! I had always been open with her about what l was taking and had the bottle with me and written down dosage of both T3 and T 4 that l felt l needed. She looked up in her book and was surprised to find T3 there so after a little discussion wrote the prescription along with blood test for end of the year.The pharmacy have had to order the Cynamel as they have never stocked it either! Feeling like l have won a little victory.x

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Yup, that's been my experience, too. They don't know what it is, they look it up - oh! it exists! And then the pharmacy has to order it because so few people take it (obviously) they don't keep it in stock. But, at least they're not hostile towards it, as they are in the UK!


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