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Buying T3 in France

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I'm still looking to replenish my emergency T3 stash and haven't yet had many suggestions as to reliable sources to replace the Greek one which has recently become unreliable, so still hoping for help there.

However, reading a post earlier today which said that T3 off prescription was available in parts of France prompted me to say that I shall be near Blois in late June. Does anyone know of a pharmacy within reach that supplies T3 without prescription? If so, at what price? I would be really grateful for any message anyone is able to send. If I could get it myself instead of shipping, it would be far less stressful!

Thanks in advance!

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I do hope someone is able to respond as I dread to think what I'd do if I couldn't source T3.

I will close post to responses and members should reply by Private Message if they have information.

It is disgraceful we cannot be provided with a life-giving hormone just because (it would seem to me ) the Authorities wanted it removed and due to the Pharma Company increasing cost astronomically, it gave them the perfect excuse with complete disregard of patients who only felt well on T3 or combination of T3/T4.

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scorp1o in reply to shaws

I do so agree with you shaws! I am very lucky at present since the endo I was sent to by the NHS seemed very reasonable and was content to say I needed T3 because T4 exacerbates A Fib, so I get it on prescription. But I am acutely aware that this could change at a moment and I could be without. Therefore I try to maintain a back up stash to give me leeway if it should be withdrawn. What a world we live in. I hope to get messages too!

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shawsAdministrator in reply to scorp1o

If T3 resolves your A fib there's no way they should remove it but it means we are in a state of apprehension every time we have a consultation. Why cannot we be prescribed what suits us instead of being in a state of agitation worrying every time a prescription is due.

No pharmacy is supposed to sell it OTC. It is marked clearly on the box 'prescription only'. Occasionally a kindly pharmacien will take pity on a tourist and give one box, but they very rarely even have it in stock. It has to be ordered. And that applies to all areas of France.

Well that's exactly what thought yet I read today (and I can't ruddy find it!!!) of someone in Dep 86 buying it. Hence my query. But thank you for replying..

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Tricot in reply to scorp1o

I can tell you the price - just over £3 per packet of 30 x 0,025 mg - but I live in France and everywhere I look says prescription essential.

Thank you.

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