Hi I have been recommended to try T3 by my endo my sister has been trying to source it in Alicante as she lives there & is coming over this week. She has been told it has been banned in Europe by a pharmacist as it was being used for weight loss! I've asked her to try another pharmacist. Any other ideas would be welcome? Is anyone getting T3 in France? Thanks 4by2

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No, it's not banned in Europe. It may be in some countries, but it's available in others under various brand names such as Cytomel, Cynomel, Liothyronin...the latter is available in Scandinavia, that much as know, but as a prescription drug only. In Germany I think the trade name is Thybon (someone please correct me if I'm wrong).

As far as I know, there is no European country where T3 is sold OTC.


Liothyronine (T3) is not banned in Europe but it is prescription only in most places. Liotironina sódica should be available in Alicante but probably needs a prescription. Tiromel T3 is availble over the counter in Turkey.

Why hasn't your endo prescribed T3 if s/he says you need it?

My sister asked about it but didn't produce the prescription! My endo has prescribed lyothyronine! I think she needs to produce the prescription! The chemist said it had been banned due to people using it as weight loss drug!! Can they refuse to supply it if its been prescribed? Thanks for your prompt reply! 4by2

That sounds strange to me, but I guess that would depend on the laws and regulations in individual countries...however, I cannot understand how a pharmacist can claim a drug has been banned when it hasn't. A simple online search would have told him so...if you do have a valid prescription, is there no other pharmacy you can turn to and see if they can help you out? Some pharmacies might even consider ordering it for you if they don't carry it themselves.

Apparently he did search the internet & he basically said it had been banned!!


If the pharmacist thinks it has been banned it is unlikely they have any in stock to supply. Ask your sister to take the prescription elsewhere.

T3 is available at pharmacies in the UK with prescription. Why are you trying to get it from Spain?

Oh I didn't know the Endo told me I would have to go abroad!


If it is a private prescription 28 x 20mcg Mercury Pharma will cost you £258+ but you can use the prescription to buy 100 x 20mcg Thybon for €35.15 via versandapo.de/en/0/7498960/...

I live in France and buy T3 over the counter.

It is called Cynomel made by Sanofi in France.

It is still readily available I bought some last Friday. It usually has to be ordered in

for the afternoon if ordered in the morning.

I forgot to say that the cost for two x 30 tablets boxes is under 7 euros.

Is that over the counter or prescription?

Just had a message from my sister in Alicante saying she can get levotiroxina de sodio cost 3.2 euros! Is that T3???

No, it's levothyroxine (T4)


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