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I can't seem to work out which order and when take my supplements for them to have the best effect?

I take 100mg of Thyroxine in the night - probably between 1pm & 3pm

I get up for work and have coffee at 5:45-6am and leave for work at half seven

I usually have breakfast on my journey to work - but this isn't essential, I could have it later.

I can't quite get my head around when to add in these:

Ferrous folate and vitamin C twice daily

B Right optimised b complex

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 5000 IU

Vitamin B12 (sublingual methylcobalamin) 5000 MG

Magnesium Citrate

Natural Vitamin K2. 100 UG

(I can eat dinner pretty much when I choose to, it tends to be around 12:30

And am home from work by 6pm)

...is it just me, or is this like the crypton factor? :-)

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Do you mean a.m. instead of p.m. on this extract from your question:-

I take 100mg of Thyroxine in the night - probably between 1pm & 3pm


I did mean am :-) just shows how confused I actually am...


Some people do take their hormones in the middle of the night. As long as you've not eaten for about 3 hours before.

It's o.k. to take your supplements with breakfast or lunch as most have to be taken with food.


I have always been told to take thyroid medication first thing in the morning before eating/drinking anything. Magnesium and Zinc at night. D3 and others in daytime. I just take all my vitamin supplements at night cos its easier for me to remember.

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I take Levo at night-time (usually after 11.00pm) and I take my supplements in the morning. I find this works for me but everyone is different so you need to find the balance that suits you.


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