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In psychiatric hospital... what are thyroid toxic levels set at posting?

It's been maybe 6 weeks since me posting desperately if you remember about the psychiatrists forcing a needle on me and loosing the grip I had left....... well the stories I have are too large. I simply left it too long between posts!

Well I did get the needle. I had to beg, I literally may have well as been on the floor to beg that much, and as they drew it up they changed it from the dreaded olanzapine one to risperidone, some reprieve... but I still feel care of the state being forced an injection of antipsychotics I may not need every month.

I am no longer on section, but have been told if I want to go I will be sectioned, and I feel that they will use my right to a drivers license against me if i want to go, they will right a bad report, this epecially hurts as I am what is known as a walking paraplegic and need my car.

The risperidone is not as bad as the olanzapine but has a %100 effect on any sexual function. But less weight gain though now I have 1 man boob due to raised prolactin witch isnt funny.

I was battling with the endo earlier in my stay here to retrial me on the t3. She said no. ..... now my psychiatrist wrote to her llast week and pointed out it's a treatment for treatment resistant depression and..... I'm back on it...... well done him? Well I was well on my way to getting some from crete.... my sisters friends mother is an endo out there )and seems to be amazed we all dont get t3) any way. The services have delayed me in what I was doing and are making me suicidal episodically..... and you can not turn to a deaf ear to complain without feeling more suicidal.

The endo my psychiatrist approached is in the anti t3 camp..... they all seem to be in one or the other and she has said to try 10 of liothyronine! Ha! And decrease the leveo by 25. This seems an awfully small dose and my psychiatrist was talking about 20 or 25 of lio 3 times a day, before she ) the endo ) stuck her ores in. She this sounds more sensible doesn't it?

Now I found some perscribing guidelines associated well with NICE and for treatment resistant depression the dose is 20 to 50 lio plus an antidepressant.

I basically think I need more liothyronine as someone who has 1... had a full thyroidectomy and 2.... trying to receive treatment for resistant depression.

My psychiatrist Dr is playing at being a psychneuroendocrinologist. And ballsing me up. He does 0 research as he doesn't have the time and won't give me access to a psychoneuroendocrineologist who seem very few and far between. It seems to be my job to bridge the gap between endocrinologist and psychiatrist. And the first rule of psychiatry is never ask the patient for advice! I obviously need more liothyronine! But how to tell him that? He said he and the endo do not want me to go thyroid toxic..... so guys? Does anyone out there know what levels are viewed as thyroid toxic? Then at least I can point out to him it's techniccally safe to raise the t3 I know it's probably more symptoms based but numbers ' can't lie' and all a psychiatrist does is acuse you of lieing anyway!

Just to remind you. Just b4 my thyroidectomy the professor said 'there where people like you who had their thyroid removed and when given thyroid medication where cured of ' paranoid sxhitzophrenia'' lol! .......

I know an increase in lio can work though I was carrying 30% extra weight and on %50 more levothyroxine. But it is a recognised treatment for treatment resistant depression all along and considering my mental health dropped 15 years ago similar to onset or effect of cancer maybe I did have mixedemia madness )thyroid psychosis) or psychotic depression... ) the more common known link is between thyroid and depression) But I don't think I'm a paranoid schizophrenic, or have bipolar or am in-between) schitzoaffective disorder). I am and have been simply largely depressed.

Please let me know what levels are considered thyroid toxic, thanks again for your support. Michael.

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So sorry to hear of your struggles. I cant advise i am afraid but i do know how you feel, i have severe anxiety and depression too and have been suicidal. Am still fighting this damn hashis and trying to get my thyroid levels right with t3. To be honest i have had enough but the support on here keeps me going


I'm glad the support here keeps you going and hoping, I KNOW it's not everything but it does help, and remember when your down to keep posting and reading, thanks for your reply! Michael


Like Jefner, I'm afraid I can't advise, but so sorry and sympathetic.

Way back in 2005 I was sent to the psychiatric hospital and sectioned; kept there for 7 weeks. After several ruined, wasted years I was finally diagnosed in 2011 with autoimmune thyroid disease and I got my medical notes. I then realised that the suicide ideation and bizarre behaviour that got me sectioned were due to the side effects of an antidepressant the GP had put me on. It was after the psychiatric doctor stopped that drug that I was sent home.

Wish I could help.


You have helped, thankyou, just by high lighting how a system made to protect us and help us becomes an attacker shows others to be careful in duty of care to us and our comitidmence to trust in anything %100 s should always be re evaluated . I am sorry to hear about your waisted years for me , it's an ability to walk well, see . And 15 years of amounting to nothing. I understand you and hope you have at least some Decscent relationships despite it all. Michael.

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I'm glad I've helped a bit. I really hope things will improve for you. Trixie.

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Doses as high as 150 mcg of liothyronine per day have been used for treating resistant depression, though the British National Formulary suggests a maximum daily dose of 60 mcg, and 75 mcg is said to be associated with increased mortality.

Hope that helps. Best wishes!


There's a really interesting book 'Beating Stress, Anxiety and Depression' by Prof Jane Plant and Janet Stephenson, both former sufferers and previously misdiagnosed.

They argue that the medical profession's current approach is simply not working.


You just dose till your symptoms are gone but taking an anti-depressant is likely to cancel out any thyroxine you take.


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