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Minerals & Vitamins

Hi there, I am wanting to take some Magnesium but not sure of what dosage I should take and which brand anyone would recommend and Probiotics there is a so many to choose from and cannot work out which ones are the best.

I have also read about copper & zinc, would I need to take these also?

I already take Vit D, and B12 and Selenium, but am not sure how long I should be taking them for.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks xxx

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Claire67 Looking back at your previous thread with your BH results, your Vit D was very low at 19. This needs to be 100-150. What dose of D3 are you taking? You need to retest at some point as mentioned and once you've reached the recommended level you will need to stay on a maintenance dose, along with the K2.

B12 again was very low, and after 3 or 4 months on sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges at 5000mcg strength daily you'd need a maintenance dose of 1000mcg daily. Are you also taking a B Complex to balance the B vits as advised?

Selenium you'll need to continue with indefinitely as you have Hashi's so it helps reduce the antibody attacks, and it helps with conversion of T4 to T3 too.

For magnesium, have a look at this article which describes what each form is best for . When you decide on one follow the dosage suggested on the pack.

For probiotics have a look at You can get multistrain supplements such as Bio-kult and Cytoplan's Acidophilus Plus, so check what they contain.

Before considering zinc and copper I'd test for levels.

What about your low ferritin level? Are you doing anything about that?

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Personally I use Magnesium calm vitality powder. (Mix with warm water, add cold water to taste.) Easy to start low & slow and build up. Can cause loose stools to start with (so go slow!)

Initially suggest try taking in evening, can make you feel calm & sleepy


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