Zinc and Hairloss?

I have been losing my hair for over 3 years, had all of the tests you could possibly think of. Thyroid specialist doesn't think my thyroid is a problem.

I have estrogen dominance with low progesterone, so using bioidentical progesterone now.

I have had my recent blood tests for zinc back and they are 10.2 on a reference 11-19 umol - is this cause for concern, and is this low enough to cause hairloss?

Thankyou x

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  • This link may be helpful:


  • It's probably not helping. But I see that your ferritin is quite low too - 47? Low iron is definitely a cause of hair loss.

  • Apart from having a good T3 level off the top of my head the common vitamins and minerals that cause hair loss are the ones that Thyroid UK tell those who have thyroid issues to get tested for.

    These are:

    1. Ferritin (iron storage protein) - your result needs to be around 80 or at least half way in range to be optimal and to actually grow. This is more than what most doctors who don't specialise in trichology recommend.

    2. Vitamin B12 - your serum level needs to be at the top of the lab range

    3. Vitamin D - your level should be around 100nmol/L. If your level is under 50nmol/L you may experience hair loss.

    4. Folate - your level needs to be halfway in the lab range.

    The one they don't mention that also is important is haemoglobin (iron rich protein that transports oxygen in red blood cells) - your level needs to be at or preferably over 12g/dL (120g/L)

    While you need the micro-nutrients of zinc, magnesium etc if you are low in the main ones I've mentioned you have no chance of sorting out your hair loss.

    I suggest you get a copy of your latest test results and check all these levels.

  • Hi Abzieg, I am taking selinium, biotin, iron and others for hair, which first made a difference, my hair which in places was breaking off started to grow longer, but all came to a standstill and started breaking off again, but since recently adding zinc my hair has started to grow better and longer in the places I was having the slow growth or break offs, early days yet, but I have noticed a difference in the layers of my hair getting longer, :) :)

    So I would definately give Zinc a thumbs up.

    Have you checked your ferritin blood level too ? mine was at 41, I was told up nearer 70-90 is better for hair.

  • Thankyou for your response! How much zinc are you taking. Daily? My ferritin is 47 but

    I've taken high dose iron before and it's made my hairloss worse. so currently am taking minerals all together :)

  • Hi again Abzieg, I'm on 15mg of Zinc Picolinate.

    Iron can be a funny thing, it can cause constipation and diarrhea, two opposites, then low or deficient iron can help hair loss and like you say, maybe it can cause hair loss, so it might not be good to have too little or too much of iron.

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