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I am writing to you all to let you know that I have gotten my Nature Throid and I am no longer reducing my meds and I am up to 195 mg of Nature Throid. I am trying to get myself leveled again after the doctor was trying get me totally off the Nature Throid and on Levo (which does not work for me). I was at one point leveled and I had a new doctor due to my other doctor getting breast cancer and this doctor said my levels were low when, in fact, they TSH is supposed to be low with desiccated treatment. I decided not to go back to that doctor and I am doing it on my own. But ever since this happened, I have been getting shedding hair and they have a white bulb on them. I have read about it and they said it's just the sheath of it and it will probably grow back. I don't know how long this will last and I was wanting to see if anyone had anything like this happen and what do I need to do. It was a tremendous amount like over 150 hairs a day and now it has decreased to 50 a day. I don't know if it's from the fluctuation in my thyroid medicine or it is from the crème I stopped taking for hormones (Wileys Protocol) because it was too expensive and I no longer had a script for it. I have been off the Wiley's Protocol for about six months now.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I don't know why that doctor tried reducing and getting me off my meds when I was doing so good at where I was at. I was taking 4 tablets of 65 mg Nature Throid when doing so well. I ordered the tablets and I could get 195 mg and that is what I am taking currently. I think I need to take a little more than the 195 to get where I was. Do you think the shedding I have is from not being at the 4 tablets of 65 mg? I am trying to find out why I am having this.

Thank you you guys. I never again will let a doctor direct me this way again. I truly took a step back but I am on my way back. Be your own advocate and listen to your body.

Love You Guys,


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  • Have you had your iron and ferritin tested? Apparently you need a ferritin level of 70-80 to grow a new hair.

  • Hi Ya Josiesmum,

    I looked on my bloodwork and they did not test for that. I will get that done. Wow, I didn't know that. Thank you so much Josiesmum. Why don't doctor's test for this stuff? I told my doctor the problem I was having and she only took a TSH level. Gotta love it! I will keep you posted.....Huggggggggggggggs, Debber

  • I'm interested to know how you get natural thyroid medication and how much does it cost. I'm on 125 of lethrothyroxine and go up to 150 2 times a week to try and feel better

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  • Hair loss is quitea common clinical symptom in hypothyroidism. Probably when you get to an optimum it will settle down and you say your hair loss is down to about 50 hairs from 150 when on Nature Throid so that's good.

  • Yeah, it has slowed up Shaws. It has a little white bulb on the end of them I noticed too. I did some research on that and it says more than likely new hair comes back but I have also see where they say no it doesn't come back. I guess I'm a bit confused on that. I see new hair coming through and no balding so it must be coming back.

    Also, I will get my iron and ferritin checked too. That doctor only tested the TSH level, which is pretty much the norm with a lot of doctors. I love being on the Nature Throid. My life has turned around with being on desiccated medicine.

    When I was growing up I would have hair all in the sink and I mean tons. I shedded about 200 hairs a day when growing up and into my 40s before I got on desiccated medicine. It's under control as long as I take my medicine.

    Thank you Shaws and I will be sure to keep you all posted. I hope you're doing well Shaws. Love You Always, Debber

  • I was told by an acupuncturist that 100 hairs per day is normal. Are you visibly thinning? I lose a lot of hair but it isn't thin (since I've been on t3/t4 combo) and it seems to grow back as quickly as it falls out.

  • I haven't noticed any bald patches and my hair doesn't feel any different. I think it is coming in as fast as it goes out, so that's a good thing. But all the hairs have a white bulb on the end. It's really strange. I got on the internet and it said that it's either thyroid or hormonal and that it's the sheath and it will probably more than likely grow back but said it takes 130 days for it to come back. But I am amazing there are not bald spots to be honest with you lol thank you puncturedbicycle. I will keep you posted on what my ferritin and iron count is too. I'm going to get tested for that too.

  • Mine got thin on levo alone but recovered w adding t3. I'm SO pleased it is thicker now (I've always had thick hair) but because there is so much going on - falling out and growing in - it looks fuzzy and untidy a lot of the time due to all the different hair lengths. Tbh I just don't care that much and have grown it long in celebration of its increased thickness.

    Good luck! I'm sure you're on the right track if the hair fall has slowed.

  • You say T3. Does nature throid have T3? I don't know enough about all of this. I have days where it's not bad and days where it's horrible. I am going to get my ferritin checked and iron too. I think the thing that bothers me too is I don't even have to brush it or comb it and it will fall. There is definitely something not right. My level is still off. I take 195 mg of Nature Throid and I was on 5 tablets of 65 mg so I am wondering if I should go up again. Thank you puncturedbicycle.

  • Yes, NT has t3 (9mcg in 1gr) in it as well as t4. Yes, keep an eye on your iron as well. Good luck!

  • I will do that. I was doing so good on 4 grans of 65 and then the doctor had to mess with it. I think I am also going to go back to that dose and watch the iron too. Thank you PB. I love you guys!!!! I hope you're having a nice day hun.


  • :-) x

  • zinc also is good for hair but has to be balanced with copper. if you have high cortisol from a 4 times a day saliva test...blood test don't show I often.....high or low cortisol can cause massive hair loss caused by too much stress....low d3 low ferritin serum low omega 3, too much or too little thyroid meds......inbalance of progesterone estrogen and testosterone or dht ...all cause hair loss as well as mold...

    washing with tar shampoo helps but take s a couple weeks to notice

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