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Dentist adrenaline disaster


I know there have been a few posts on this but many are a while back.

Yesterday I was at the dentist for a clean. All was fine until he said I need a tiny filling, I have never had one before. He gave me the anesthetic containing adrenaline (tiny amount if a 1 in 80000 dose) and I was fitting and shaking within 10min with my heart racing like mad, with the paramedics being called. It all stopped within 30 min after which I as exhausted and couldn't keep my eyes open. I ended up in an ambulance going to hospital. Am released and ok now, just lacking much of an explanation.

I have hashi and am in T4 and T3 prescribed. My TSH is suppressed but free T3 and T4 in range (lower end). I take nutri adrenal extra and nutri thyroid.

Question: do you think my bad reaction to adrenalin was due to my knackered adrenals?

Or: is it due to the thyroid aspect and the fact that I had mol just taken my morning thyroid meds?

Or : was the dentist just stuipid and hit a blood vessel that sent it straight to my heart

Any advice is much appreciated . I won't be repeating that episode for sure and will make sure future anaesthetics are adrenaline free.

Cheers :)

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I was reading up about this very thing the other day - and apparently if you have thyroid issues then a 'risk assessment' needs to be carried out by your dentist, and you can't have any anaesthetic with adrenaline it in, otherwise you might end up exactly as you did. :( There are anaesthetics that don't contain adrenaline, you'd need to request that if there is a next time.


Thanks Jadzhia!

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Yep, when my adrenals were in a state, i used to shake at the dentist and it would take me a couple of days resting to get over a visit. All this was solved when i started taking extra cortisone before a visit to the dentist.

I did an adrenal saliva test and because the results were showing adrenal problems, i took cortisone for two years, then switched to ndt from t3 and t4. I went to the dentist a couple of days ago and never gave it a second thought.....

G x


Poor you, how awful. I do always ask for the non-adrenaline anaesthetic but in some cases (eg root canal, implant etc) I need the normal one and it doesn't bother me except in that it lasts forever and a day, sometimes takes more than eight hours to wear off. My mum, who also has uat, had similar issues to what you're describing and no longer gets the adrenaline kind.


A very common reaction to people with poor blood sugar regulation either from Pancreatic, Thyroid or Adrenal insufficiency. This symptom is largely ignored by the medical community.

Chromium GTF can help before the dentistry to stabilise the blood sugar. Insist on adrenaline free injections and get a note on your records.

It is an adrenal issue, dentist know their facial anatomy I doubt that it was a mistake on his part. This is a pretty conclusive demonstration that you need adrenal support!

Support choices I use are

NAX- Nutri

Core Level Adrenal Nutri-West

AD206 Biocare


AD Intensive Biocre


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