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Help With Blood Results please


Just had bloods back after 6 weeks of Levothyroxine 100mcg.

TSH 0.1 ( 0.27-4.2)

Free T4 25 (12-22)

Free T3 4.4 ( 3.1-6.8)

My major issue was muscle and joint pain which had now improved a lot. I'm feeling more energy and a more stable mood. Generallly quite good for the first time in 5 years.

Are these figures too high for me ladies? The Endo says it's too high and I may get osteoporosis later in life if I stay at these levels.

Many thanks in advance. 😘

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Oh sorry 😐 forgot to say I took my tablets at 8 am and had my bloods at 3pm. Thank you!


OK, in that case, your TSH is higher than it would be at 8.0 am. And, that could account for your high FT4, but would have no effect on the T3.

Trouble is, we don't know how much it would affect the FT4. Are you really over-range or not. But, even if you are, high FT4 won't give you osteoporosis, and neither will a low TSH. It is high FT3 that could do that.

There's a possibility that you have a conversion problem, because your FT3 isn't even quite mid-range. But, we don't really know because you didn't leave the recommended 24 hour gap. Bit of a useless test, really. :(


I'm sorry, I was sure I'd said thank you in a reply but it's not here.

So thank you! It's all great stuff to know that I wouldn't find anywhere else.

Thanks again


You're welcome. :)


I'd ask to have the test repeated in another few months. You may want to keep an eye on temp and heart rate and if you have any symptoms of being overreplaced you can always reduce alternate days (maybe 75/100). I'm glad to hear you're feeling well though - result!

Do you know about your b12, d, iron, folate etc? Keeping those looking good will also improve health and thyroid function.


Many thanks again.

Interestingly I've been monitoring my heart rate with my Fitbit and it's not changed.

I've just spoken to AXA who have agreed another set of bloods and appt with Endo which is great. Another result!

Thanks again for all your help, you've been brilliant 😃 X

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Great, good luck. If you're feeling well I'd put off that blood test for a few months and adjust meds if necessary. It does sound like your endo is being reasonable which is good.


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