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Results - 32 yr old male

Hi everyone,

I might be posting in the wrong place but here it goes. So family history, mom had thyroid cancer, grandmother had thyroid goiter, and I believe my great grandfather died of a thyroid related disease.

Anyway been feeling pretty bad for a few years, tiredness, heavy limbs, inhibilty to concentrate, low labido, etc.

Just had my results back from the GP, and was surprised they were "normal". My results were TSH 1.4 (normal range 0.3 - 4.6) and T4 was 22 (normal range 10-22).

On top of this my CPK was at 600 something three times normal level.

So what I wanted to ask is are my results actually normal or should I get second opinion or just leave it.

Sorry if this is a pointless post. I just can't see personally how I'm normal when I'm at the lower and upper ends of each scale.

Thanks in advance 😀

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The CPK result could point to conditions causing sore muscles and joints.


Maybe you should ask to,have your antibodies tested : TPOab and TgAB.

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Cannot tell if you are converting t4 into t3 without free t3 result.

Blue horizons sell thyroid tests online if you ever need themand doc won't help.

Call your doctor and ask for their interpretation of raised cpk?

I'm sure you are doing your own research too.

Optimise your eating. ..which I know is hard when you feel cappy.

Take care ☺


Thanks for the replies everyone, much appreciated!


Definitely follow up with GP the abnormal CPK result.

Was ferritin, folate, B12, vitamin D tested? Deficiencies in these can cause symptoms.

Also worth investigating food sensitivities which can also cause these kind of symptoms, the most common being gluten. Worth doing this diet for a couple of weeks to see if you feel better before reintroducing other foods one by one:

Also worth asking GP for celiac test before any gluten-free trial.

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