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Assessing my test results and unsure

Hi, its my first time on here, I'm not sure whether I have a thyroid problem or not but would really love to know what is making me feel so rotten!! NHS tests came back normal so I had private ones done. The results were normal. The Thyroid Uk page states that if T4 and T3 are at the lower end of the scale then there could be a problem, I'm just wondering what is considered at the lower end of the scale? I am between the bottom and middle with both. My T4 is 14.97, the normal range is between 12-22 and my T3 is 4.02, normal is 3.1 - 6.8. I'd be so very grateful if someone could advise me on this. Thankyou, Michelle.

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Do you have a TSH result too?

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Did you get your vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate, ferritin and haemoglobin tested as well? Do you have the results and ranges? If so post them as lots of doctors say the results are "fine" and "normal" when they are too low for good health. Nutrient deficiencies can mimic thyroid issues or if you have a thyroid issue make it far worse.

For example ferritin ranges can start at 7 but women with a ferritin of 7 will feel dreadful, her hair could be falling out and she may have dry skin, more frequent infections etc. Likewise if your vitamin B12 is 180 you will be regarded as having sufficient B12 for 2 years yet you will feel dreadful, with random numbness,g, hair loss etc.

If you don't have these and can't convince your doctors to test them then you need to get them done privately. On here we use Blue Horizon and Medichecks. The links are on the main thyroid UK website under private testing.


Your T4 is too low. When mine was 14 I was exhausted and really struggling emotionally and physically.... It's difficult to get a full view without the TSH though. If you don't have these results, it's worth retesting.


This is interesting as my Dr told me mine at 10?!?!


That seems way too low, but maybe some people need less t4! I only feel better now mine is 18-20.


I still feel awful so have been referred to endocrinologist, I'm on 125mcg levothyroxine but also have Fibromyalgia so sometimes it's hard to work out what's what!


Hi Michelle, If you feel rotten, something is definitely wrong. It could be something interfering with your thyroid output which is T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. It could also be a problem with your adrenal glands which will in turn affect your thyroid output. It could also be an autoimmune attack beginning upon your thyroid. One thing is for certain, NHS doctors will probably not look at any of those things. It's pitiful but this is what thyroid or autoimmune patients are up against but you can learn enough to help yourself. You could try omitting gluten for a couple of weeks if this is an autoimmune issue. You could give your adrenals support taking large doses of vitamin C, magnesium and 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt if you don't have blood pressure problems. How are you sleeping? Are you undergoing a stressful situation?

As you can see there are myriads of reasons for low thyroid which you appear to have.

If you go to You Tube and Dr. David Clark, he has short videos: Twenty Reasons for Low Thyroid which will give you some idea that you may relate to.


Hi Michelle,

Everyone is unique and we all function well at different levels, hence the NHS blood test results are not worth the paper they're written on. My FT4 was 13.5 and I couldn't walk! My belief is "body knows best" so if you embark on this journey listen to your body and it will soon tell you which way to go.

All the best. X


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