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Hashimoto - Newly Thyroid problem diagnosed! What do my blood'​s mean? Do I still get my own blood's done?

Hi All,

I hope everyone is well!

Saw the doctor this morning and was told I defiantly need Levothyroxine. (25mg dose to start)

THYROID PEROXIDASE ABS - 75 IU/ML= Raised antibody level, suggestive of autoimmune thyroid diseased.

SERUM free T4 Level - Normal at 12.6 (No Action)

Serum TSH Level - Satisfactory for patient (In sub clinical hypothyroidism TFT'S should be rechecked annually if antibody-positive, or every three years if TPO Negative or if symptoms develop.

Do i still and go get the Thyroid Check PLUS ELEVEN and vitamins and minerals checked or just take the thyroxine and get vitamins and see how i go?


Sam :)

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You are fortunate your doctor has prescribed 25mcg as many wont. Due to you having antibodies which means you have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimoto's it is advisable to begin thyroid hormones.

Your GP should do a blood test in 6 to 8 weeks and I hope he gives you a rise too.

I shall give you a couple of links. Once on an optimum of hormones which means your symptoms go you only need a yearly blood test.

Also going gluten-free is said to reduce the attack of antibodies on your thyroid gland. Sometimes you will have too many antibodies which will make you feel hyper, so believe as I have hypo.


Thank you Shaw :)

Do you think I should do the home tests?

I spoke to thyroid UK and they were really great but at that time I did not have my ranges... She said to start a diary and keep all of the results how I am feeling etc on a daily basis.

I am tempted to buy the necessary vitamins that will help me also, what do you think?


I think you get them tested first. You need a base line. You need to know if you need them and if so, how much. Taking vit D and iron when you don't need them is dangerous. Not taking enough vit B12 is pointless. Get the tests done and then supplement accordingly. Optimal for B12 is 1000. The others should be at least mid-range.

Only start on one supplement at a time, and leave about a two week gap between starting each one. If you take vit D3, you need to take vit K2 and magnesium with it. If you supplement B12, you need to take a B complex, too.

But, you can start taking vit C and selenium without testing. Selenium helps with conversion. Vit C helps with everything. And, perhaps, later on, add in some zinc. But, one step at a time, and the first step is the tests. :)


As your doctor has now diagnosed you as hypo I don't think other tests are necessary at present (bearing in mind I'm not medically qualified).

I have a cupboard full I think of supplements/vit/minerals I could start a shop :)

I think only take supplements/vitamins/minerals if you have a deficiency. Even if you are a bit low in some it can be done through food, except B12 and Vit D of course which are pro-hormones and it is very essential they are optimum.

I have found that when I've taken supplements etc - even 4 hours after thyroid hormones, I don't feel so good so I only take one at a time for a period and drop it if the effect isn't so good before I add another (if needed).

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Ditto what Greygoose says, test to see if you are deficient and supplement if you are, don't try and guess. Some vitamins, eg the fat soluble ones, the excess gets stored on the body which can lead to toxicity (Vit D is one such case), ferritin shouldn't go too high, folate is best kept in range. So knowing if you need the supplements is the best way to go.

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Selenium helps to reduce antibodies as does gluten free x


Thank you Mango_555 :)

I am looking at vitamins as we speak... Thyroid UK have said that Hasimoto in some cases can be cured by vitamins, a lifestyle change or ways of dealing with stress that tends to make it worse.


I also have Hashi's, antibodies have reduced since going gluten free and using supplements in the last year. I also avoid dairy/soy and high histamine foods, discovered things like tomatoes and strawberries aggravated Rosacea which I was getting frequent attacks of...much improved now also. I think high histamine foods are not good for Hashimotos either anyway. x


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