Still feeling to weak to stand Results back Dr says fine can anyone have a quick look please much appreciated

TSH level. 0.73mu/L. Serum Ferritin 19ug/L(15-300). Vit D 250 filed as 44LA .00 250H 71NMO1/L. Serum c Reactive protein level 6 mg/L. (5) "High ". Don't know what to do from here really getting me down now Thankyou

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your ferritin us so low i am surprised you function at

all its utterly vital that




vit d3

are all at least halfway in their ranges otherwise your body is unable to even utulise the levothyroxine

Thanks so much for your reply I have just rang my surgery as I cannot go on even simple things are a massive task my doctor is now doing me a script for iron and more full thyroid test do you know if this will include the T3 Thankyou

you need

free t4

free t3




vit d3 all tested

most especially free t3 because with low ferritin your body cannot convert the t4 in levothyroxine into the t3 that every cell in your body needs to function

you need to take the iron 4 hours away from the thyroid meds and take it with 500mg of vitamin C

you need to take 1500mg vitamin C spread out through the day too to help the adrenals

take only the methylcobalamin form of b12 and vitamin b compound both are available from SOLGAR make is on offer

it will take sevwral months to pull up your ferritin levels and meanwhile your doctor should replace levo with t3

I'm struggling to understand this, can you double check it please :

Vit D 250 filed as 44LA .00 250H 71NMO1/L.

Is your result actually 71nmol/L or 44? I'm guessing the 71 nmol/L is correct, but I know I could well be wrong.

Hi it says 250. Vitamin D. Will be filed as 44LA.00. Serum vitaminD 250 H vitamin D 71nmo1/L. Will be filed as 44LA serum vitamin total D>50 is sufficient for most individuals is what it says thanks for the reply

High serum CRP is a sign of inflammation in the body. I would be asking my doctor about that if I were you - unless you know the reason it's high, eg infection, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

Hi The doctors said fine been back again had more bloods done so got to go back on wed for results thanks for taking time to reply

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