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Mometasone for Sinus Pain

GP thinks my headaches are caused by my sinuses which is plausible as when i get a cold i always get pain here. He has prescribed mometasone and just wondered if anyone had any experience with this and did it give relief ?

The headaches always seem to peak in the mid-afternoon and i'm suspicious that this maybe connected with a dip in my thyroxine as i yawn for england and my eyes are really tired at the same time.

I know you can split NDT ( which i am going to change over to soon) but can you split doses of levo?

Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading.

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Persistent and chronic sinus infections are a common symptom if hypothyroidism. Treating the symptoms with drugs is a bit extreme, I would try Olbas oil on your pillow first.

Going to NDT might well just sort it all out

There is no real benefit to splitting Levo as it takes around three days on average to convert the T4 into T3 that you can use. So it's a trickle effect. Splitting NDT and T3 is because T3 hits you in about 29 minutes so a kick in the Afternoon is something some people like.

Hope the NDT sorts out the sinuses, it's miserable I know. Cutting out Dairy also helps.

Good luck


Thanks for that, already dairy/lactose free for years and gluten free.

It's just got awful the last couple of months i have no infection just pressure around the nose and these constant headaches.

To be honest i think as usual the GP just thought how can i get rid of her quickly i know prescription and out the door in under 5 mins!

I know NDT. Is my next move just a little scared at the mo to take the plunge. 😬


Nobody I know has Ever said NDT doesn't work for them. It's good stuff.


Thankyou i have the tablets it's just making that final plunge as i have a very busy 2 weeks and want things a little calmer first!


I have had same symptoms and eventually got referred to an ENT specialist who found a polyp. Steroids were surgested but when I said I'd rather not he said he would remove it. The op was last week, not as painful as expected and the follow up treatment is to use a NielMed sinus rinse, just a saline solution. I can breath freely for the first time in years and the headache is gone.

Reading the leaflet with the sinus wash says it can relieve all sorts of sinus problems Cost about £12 for 60 treatments. Certainly worth a try before steroids.

Giving up dairy and gluten didn't sort out the sinus problems but did help lots of others.

Good luck!


Thankyou for that info i will look up the rinse. It seems to me GP's just like giving out prescriptions these days without looking at other alternatives.

I actually hate going to the doctors they all seem so totally disinterested in patients as people no wonder we all self medicate!

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Hi Cleo2467,

I have bad sinus headaches and was just switched to mometasone from Omnaris since the latter now requires a prior authorization. I was nervous because the Omnaris was a gift from heaven for me and my often inflamed sinuses, even after sinus surgery. But the memetasone is even better and I have found that after using as prescribed which was daily for a couple of months I only have to use if on occasion now. Although that will be different for everyone.

Good Luck!


Thankyou thats very helpful i don't really like the idea of longterm steroid use but a couple of months isn't too bad.


I've had sinus problems the last year, another new symptom! The left side is mostly blocked and my left ear was blocked and has fluid in causing tinnitus (it's not wax.) I'm trying a nasal balloon, neti pot & Euphorbium spray. Have any of the above suggestions worked for you?


Hi Cleo2467 - I used to really suffer with sinus and infected sinuses and was given different medications, including antibiotics to try and clear it. But nothing worked. However when I started having a sauna on a regular basis ( couple of times a week) it cleared up competely. May not work for everybody but it did for me. 🐯🐯🐯🐯


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