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Subclinical Hypo - Should I test privately?


Have hypothyroidism in the family (gran, Aunt etc). Got tested a few weeks ago, had Dr's appointment this morning and she went through the results:

TSH - 6.2 (0.4-5.9)

Serum free T4 - 11.8 (10-19.8)

I also had low iron levels of around 30ng/mL although I don't have the exact number or range here but I see ranges online suggesting 12-150ng/mL is normal for a woman.

She said that I was Subclinical Hypothyroid at TSH 6.2 and that treatment wouldn't be considered until after another test in 6 weeks which she's given me the forms to be tested for:

Thyroid function Test TFT: TSH+fT4 (tPP)

Thyroid Antibodies TA (tPP).

It feels like a very long time away without any answers and I feel like a bag of spanners. Doesn't help that I am a bit of a worrier.

Do you think its worth doing one of these home finger prick tests so at least I have a bit more info on TA and T3 levels etc? Are they any good?

Also I had the test in the morning (9am) and I had a cold/sore throat. Do you think these could have given a false positive?

Thanks so much for your help,


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TSH is elevated because FT4 is low in range.

Because TSH can be elevated by a non-thyroidal illness it is standard practice to retest in 3 months when a virus or bacterial infection will be expected to have cleared.

As your GP is going to test TSH, FT4 and thyroid peroxidase antibodies there doesn't seem any point in ordering private thyroid tests just now.


very good advice.......


Yes what Clutter said, and if you won't get treatment until gp is satisfied you're actually hypo, you might as well wait. If you really feel awful maybe they'll bump the date a bit earlier if you pester them a bit.

Have you read about how to be diagnosed? Test early as poss etc - ?


I saw about testing early and fasting for 12 hours. Any other pointers?


Those are meant to help.

My only other pointer is to pick a day when your tsh and antibodies are high and t4 is low. Just kidding :-) if only it was so simple.


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