Vote for our advisers' research!

Vote for our advisers' research!

The journal, Endocrine Connections, is running a competition to find out which is the most popular paper over the last 2 years of publication. Our advisers have had a research paper published in this journal and is listed in the competition.

Please do vote and boost their chances of coming out on top!

The paper is entitled, "Variation in the biochemical response to L-thyroxine therapy and relationship with peripheral thyroid hormone conversion" by John E M Midgley et al and can be accessed here:

To vote, please go to:

If they win, it will be good publicity for the research paper and may very well help our cause. :-)

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  • Done.

  • Done. I don't fancy their endocrine plushie tho - I'm sure TUK could come up with a lovely purple butterfly plushie that we'd all want. Is there anything much nicer than stroking plush ? That you can do in public ? :D

  • Hi Rapunzel, Sorry for being thick but I never knew what a plushie was until I Just checked and it's a toy, I think, so I'm not sure what the connection is. :-) Where's the plushie you are looking at? :-) Lynxx

  • Ohhhhh! I get it now! Yes, a butterfly plushie is a good idea. Perhaps we'll get some for Thyroid Awareness Week! :-) x

  • I misunderstood at first where's the plushie you're looking at ? < In my head, lynmynott > :O


    Whereas I was thinking of something like this with a TUK logo embroidered somewhere... :)

  • Done.

  • Voted,

    J 👍

  • Done!

  • Done.xx

  • Read and done 😊

  • voted

  • Done.

  • Done! And my daughter designs plushies (her speciality currently are Pokemon!)... I'm sure she could be persuaded to do one for ThyroidUK!

  • Sounds good to me! It's on my pile to discuss with the board and to see how much it would cost to buy and sell them. :-)

  • Read and voted.

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