Appointment with Dr. Peatfield?

I have just returned to UK from NZ for six months. My husband and I do this each year...six months UK, six months in NZ. I would like to see Dr. Peatfield while at home in Devon this year. How do I go about organising this? I saw him about six years ago but would like some advice re my hypothyroid state. Most GP's I have visited in UK/NZ have such limited knowledge re the thyroid and consequently lack empathy. It is so frustrating! I know Dr. Peatfield used to come to Devon and see patients down here. Does he still do this?

Can anyone help me please?

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Here is a link to his clinics schedule:_

Thank you so much for your reply. I will be in touch with him soon. he doesn't go to Totnes anymore. I think Malvern would be your nearest. If you have all the required blood tests mentioned on this forum I am sure the many knowledgeable people here will be able to help you. Post all your results and take it from there - could save you a long journey !

Have learnt more on this site than from any doctor. I did see Dr P in the early stages and his protocol gave me great confidence in understanding and managing the illness myself.

Just a thought !............

Thank you so much for your reply. I am hopeful.

Dr Peatfield does do telephone consultations and you can send him any documentation in advance.

Thank you so much for your response. I didn't know he did phone consultations. I would really like to see him though.

I believe Dr P does telephone consultations if you can't get to see him. Ring his secretary and ask her.

Thanks for your response. Isn't Thyroid UK such a wonderfu organisation? l typed in a question and had numerous helpful replies.


:) xx

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