Is Dr Peatfield OK and working again?

I've had all my private blood test results back (see other questions I've posted) and I'm wondering where to go next. Unfortunately, the only private consultant in the North of England on the TUK list has closed down. I was thinking of going to see Dr P as I see he has an outreach clinic near me. But I remember seeing on here that he's been seriously ill - in hospital. Does anyone know if he's still working and whether I'll be able to get an appointment with him at his outreach clinic? Or is it other doctors - under Dr P's guidance - who do these outreach clinics anyway? Thanks!

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  • Hi, I spoke to him last week and he said he is hoping to go back to work in Feb but if he does I think he will have a huge backlog.....

  • Hi Lyn, that's great to hear that he is feeling better :-) Do you know how long his waiting list was normally before he was ill?

  • Thanks - that is good to hear (not that he will have a huge backlog, but that he's much better and going back to work). I think I'll ring next week then and get on his waiting list. :-)

  • Hi DiamondFire, No, sorry, I don't know how long his list was before. I think those around him will make sure he doesn't overdo things....

  • Thanks Lyn. Ooh yes wouldn't want him to overdo it. Just wondering about timescale, that's all :-) thanks!

  • Great news to hear he is on mend......I didn't know whether to send my regular diary in, so called and answer machine said dont send at moment as he is still recovering and doing well but not able to process anything at moment.

    Worth the wait....I ended up doing a two hr journey to see him, I was desperate and got driven there with my head on a pillow!!! This was July 13 and I m getting there slowly.


  • Aww sounds like you were in a bad place :-( glad to hear Dr P is sorting you out :-) do you remember how long you had to wait for your appointment?

  • It was under a week as I live in Northamptonshire and went to Crawley to see him. At first I enquired about the Malvern on as that would have poss been a bit nearer it was July 13 and she said something about clinic there in Jan 14!! then she said they have an appointment in Crawley it was just a case of getting there. So I spose if you are despeate and can travel (or get someone to take you if you are too poorly) you might not have long to wait. I could have been lucky and had a cancellation though.

  • I've just left a message on the answerphone of the nearest outreach clinic to me. Hope I won't have too long to wait - but I guess given his current health situation it probably will be a few months. Meantime, I'm reading his book and started to self-supplement with the Nutri Ltd things he recommends. First, I've got NutriAdrenal and will try that for a few months. After that, I'll be going on to NutriThyroid. Hopefully, I might have an appointment with him by then. :-)

  • Hi will be interested to know how you get on with nutri adrenal and nutri thyroid as I am thinking of taking them x

  • Hi Have been taking NutriAdrenal and Nutrithyroid for a few months now. I started with NutriAdrenal for about a month and then added in the NutriThyroid. I also take sublingual B12, D3, selenium 200 mcg, calcium and magnesium. Selenium, calcium and D3 as recommended by the endo for thyroid and osteoporosis. I still struggle with hypothyroid symptoms though and may have to go back to doing battle with the system.

  • Hi there, I'm new here! Just wondering if you got any tests done before starting on the Nutri supplements, e.g. Adrenal Salivary Index recommended in Dr P's book? Or did you just decide from your symptoms and dive in...? I'm just wondering what to do first myself. Thanks a lot!

  • Hi had several blood tests done at surgery and 2 hospitals, including cortisol and they all came back 'normal', although no ranges were given in letter from 2nd hospital. I have read Dr P-D's book and sometimes refer back to it but I am just taking the glandulars and other recommended supplements based on my symptoms. I thought I would try this approach for a while before going back and doing battle again.Hope this helps.

  • Thank Cat. A week does sound almost too good to be true doesn't it :-) that must have been brilliant for you. I was thinking it may have been months or something. Although I expect it will be months now.

  • Hello Caroline,

    I recieved a letter last week saying Dr P is on the mend and is hoping to return to work in Feb, In the mean time you could ring Lyn or Jo (his secretaries) and they will try to help you

    Kind regards

  • I called Doc P's office today and an automated message said that he had been admitted to hospital again for surgery but he would hopefully be back at work by the end of February. Hopefully he will be feeling much better and won't do too much too soon.

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