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Blood results daughter, all ideas welcome, most grateful

Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me with my daughter's blood test results. She is 15 and the doctor called to say she has below the normal range for thyroid, low iron, low folate and raised CRP. I won't have exact readings till we visit the surgery. They have said she needs iron and folic acid and are going to repeat CRP and TFT and also ordered ESR, but not for 6 weeks before considering any thyroxine. Needless to say I'm anxious at having to wait this long.

I myself have hypothyroidism, but this is as a result of having radioactive iodine for hyperthyroidism, some 14 years ago. I have never had any of the other tests show deficiencies and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar to my daughter? Or have any ideas whether the deficiencies and raised CRP are connected to the thyroid result or something else?

The raised CRP worries me, especially as she hasn't been unwell, except for tiredness and an episode of fainting, which is what prompted the visit and blood tests in the first place.

Thank you I advance, all advice welcome and most grateful

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low ferritin and folate always accompanies hypothyroid just sane as low vit b and vit c

raised crp is also typical

she needs levo but increasing levrls of ferritin and folate first is a very wise move

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