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Test results ( daughter)

Hi I have come to ask all you amazing people for some advice on my daughters test results. She is nearly twenty weeks pregnant.

Her tsh 2014 was 1.0 ( 0.38-5.33)

Aug 2016 0.92 (0.38-5.33)

March 2017 1.07 (0.38-5.33)

Ferretin 31 (10-210)

Crp 3.5 (0.0-6)

I believe for ferretin she should be alot higher but ineed advice on this as all other blood tests come back looking good in range. they did not do vitamins.

I feel her thyroid is ok but not totally sure as she is pregnant.

Crp I thought was slightly higher than it should be but again I honestly can't be sure. She has Dr tomorrow I just don't want her to bed off I can't go with her as I live three hundred miles away from her.

She has been light headed, dizzy and weakness I presume low ferretin.

Thank you all so much x

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The website Hypothyroid Mom has good information about pregnancy and thyroid levels.

Do NOT forget about B12 and VitD levels. Mum needs optimal levels to protect the health of her child in the future. Low B12 in the Mum can affect the intellect of the child.

Yes Ferritin is low and I have read that it needs to be halfway in range. Folate also needs to be tested as it works with the B12 in the body. CRP is an inflammation marker - does she have Hashimotos ? So lots more testing to be done to make sure all is well.

I'm not a Medic - just a Hashi's gal with a B12 issue :-)


Hi thank you for your reply. My daughters foliate was good in the range I was surprised given how she is feeling but I also believe her ferretin is to low

They did not test he'd b12 so I have relayed your thoughts to her.

I dont know anything about hashimoto even though I have a thyroid problem have done since I was pregnant with my daughter she is now 27. Can you have hashimoto and tsh level 1.07? She has had symptoms for few years bug bloods return normal. X

I will try hypothyroidism mom as well thank you.


Hashimotos can cause the TSH to be erratic as you can swing from Hypo to Hyper. Anti-body testing will confirm Hashimotos - auto-immune thyroid.

Don't forget the VitD test ....


Thank you so much for your kind help. I will look at that link. I knew I could get great help on this site x


TSH of 1.07 is good. During pregnancy it should be under 2.5.


Thank you I was thinking it was but getting confirmation helps x

Reply has been 7 months how is your daughter and the baby doing?


Hi, thank you for your message. My daughter is fine really well and my new grandson is doing amazing. I haven't seen hi simply a week after he was born but I'm going up tomorrow till Friday. I'm so excited.

Im really pleased my daughters thyroid has been fine no change so that's a really good sign.

Thank you for asking x

I managed finally after all this time to see a specialist in penzance and he was so lovely and understanding.

He tested my cortisol vitamin d t3 I can't think to hand of the others but my vitamin d is down and I have to call the Dr for a prescription of vitamin d.

Fultium d3 800in a day.

Have you or anyone here had any reactions on this please.

How are you?

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