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Burning Scalp

Hi all I have just started burning scalp and hair loss I consulted my Harley St hair consultant ( world renound ) about the issue and he recommended antihistamine 10mg tablets as this is your body attacking itself,these are Tesco brand or similar and worked a treat within 30 mins it had calmed down to a bearable level.This is not a cure just pain relief.He also suggested standing under a hot shower for 3 minutes with your head tilted back to sooth the scalp ,that eased the burning.This syndrome to me is stress related as I know what triggered it ,im also on Prozac to calm me down and does work to degree.Im not depressed more anxious about recent events and the hair loss but you need to eliminate what you can from the equation,the usual lotion and proscar he prescribes does not seem to counteract the hair loss as on his treatment he said I would be buried with this head of hair and he was right untill the burning started as o cud hardly pull my hair out now I can't stop it,I will get to the bottom of it for sure.


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Hi Dave, welcome to the forum. Do you have a thyroid problem? Because that causes hair-loss, as dose low ferritin. Have you had that tested?

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Sorry to hear about your hair issues. May I ask is your fluoxetine prescribed by a gp or psychiatrist? One of the side-effects is anxiety, and I seem to forever be seeing people here taking it for, yes, anxiety.

Not saying it doesn't work for some people who are anxious (for me it has the opposite effect to most people, so it makes me sleepy and relaxed and works pretty well as an antidepressant) but it surprises me the so many anxious people are taking it. It certainly isn't the obvious first choice for anxiety.

My only other thought is whether you began taking the fluox (or any other meds?) around the same time you began to have the burning scalp - ?

The problem w antihistamines is that eventually your body becomes tolerant to them. You can get around this to some degree by trying different kinds and alternating them. Perhaps this is a temporary thing and will go away on its own.


Hair problems are quite common in hypothyroidism and we have a lot of queries about it as it is upsetting for many.

As puncturedbicycle has suggested anxiety/panic are also symptoms of hypothyroidism. This might be relieved by the addition of the active hormone (liothyronine) called T3. I personally would think (and am not medically qualified) that the addition of some T3 might be more beneficial as your Free T3 might be on the low side.


have your cortisol tested 4 x a day hence saliva..... , ferritin serum, and testosterone dht, and b12 etc.......deficiencies , thyroid, hormones, cortisol, high selenium, all cause hair loss.......and best to test immediately bec it takes months to see a difference...and harder to address the longer you wait even if you have to test yourself...then take to a dr


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