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Hypothyroidism and hair

Just another wee discovery I've made in the past month regarding my thinning and flyaway hair. I used to have a full head of thick healthy black hair that has changed texture as I've gone grey. However, since developing hypothyroidism it's been so distressing to see it fall out, frizz up and resemble candy floss.

I've been using Philip Kingsley products specifically designed to address hair loss and frizz. I use body building shampoo and conditioner as well as the scalp stimulator. He also does a deep conditioning treatment that I use once a week. I sleep with it on under a shower cap. It has made a big difference already. If you buy online they send you lots of lovely samples. Go for the trial size as it can be expensive to buy if you end up not liking it.

Just google Philip Kingsley hair loss products. He has a clinic in Mayfair London but it will set you back £300 for a consultation. The products are enough to make a difference so might not be necessary unless you're not short of cash!

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Interesting, glad it works so well for you! I had a look at the ingredients of the body-building conditioner - unfortunately it lists 'wheat proteins', which includes gluten. The shampoo doesn't mention it, nor the stimulator. Just something to be aware of for those of us who are gluten-free.


Oh, thanks. I hadn't read that. I guess the wheat protein would be absorbed through the scalp. What a shame, I'm trying to be gluten free too. So tricky isn't it to be totally free of it. I did use aveda for a long time but I think it might have made my hair worse. What is everyone else using?


I use Daniel Galvin Jr (DGJ) Organic Hairjuice shampoo, one of the few without sodium lauryl sulphate, which I react to. Seems to agree with me! Isn't as expensive as some brands but costs more than your average off-the-shelf type. :)

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just wonderingif you have an itchy scalp. i have no body hair. My hair has been thining also and i have tried every shampoo available . without success. . i am now looking into low DHEA as my blood test came back as very low...


Yes, I do have an itchy scalp. I've read somewhere that washing your hair in luke warm water rather than hot, really helps as does adding a bit of tea tree oil to your favourite pre conditioner. I sometimes use it with coconut oil and sleep with it on and then shampoo in the morning. I think lots of things affect the condition of your scalp, hypothyroidism being the main one. My hair is so dry and course, mainly on the hairline. Philip Kingsley does a scalp stimulator which is good. He suggests keeping the scalp well hydrated by drinking lots of water and washing your hair daily. Also think about your pillows and covers. There might be something Causing an allergic reaction there, too.


hmmm. been there done that. i drink 3 bottles of 500 mls water daily besides tea etc.. slept with my coconut oil on...In fact kept hair covered in oli for days at a time when not going out..Had an allergy test for bed mites. Negative.

.. I will let you know how dhea works. still waiting for delivery.


Good luck! These things can be very tricky to resolve. I'll be interested to hear how you get on.


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