Anyone have a burning/itchy scalp?

Hi everyone and hope its a good day for you all.

I'm rubbish at the moment, I'm waiting my results, my doctor suspects hashimotos.

Yesterday I could barely open my eyes had a raging headache, laid in my bedroom with curtain closed and took painkillers, helped a bit.

I have noticed that for the last few weeks my scalp is itchy ..a lot.Almost more of a burn. My husband checked my head for intruders which was my initial fear having a toddler at nursery! Thankfully no lice. My hubby said my scalp is red in parts but not inflammed or scabby, I have changed to a mild shampoo and now on tea tree wash to try get rid of this awful sensation. To no avail.

Hence why I'm here again... Anyone experienced anything like this?

Thank you for reading :-)

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  • I do have an itchy scalp, yes, but I wouldn't say it burnt. It's more like small spikes being stuck into my head. I too worried it might be creepy crawlies because the granddaughters are always catching them at school; But no, it isn't.

    I also found that some shampoos made it worse, but none made it go away. I now use a shampoo for dandruff (although I don't have dandruff) alternated with a green clay and ginger shampoo, and that's as good as it gets.

  • I find it hard to describe although I'd say itch ..scratching does not relieve it? And have major hair loss too.

    Anyway, may I ask where you buy green clay and ginger shampoo from please? I have tried mild, medicated, cold tar, dandruff.. All cost a fortune and do not help at all..

    I feel like its symptom after symptom at the moment...thank you for your response.

  • I'm afraid I buy it here in France, from Auchan, the hypermarket. But you might be able to find it elsewhere if you google it. If you can't find it, you could try making your own green clay scalp mask. I imagine you can buy it in the Pharmacy in the UK like here, it can come in powder form or in lumps that you have to smash. Just mix it to a thick paste with water (preferably distilled) and plaster it over your head. Green clay is wonderful stuff, it calms and sooths and gets rid of toothache!

    Yes, I have major hairloss too. I don't know if it's the hypo or some sort of deficiency, but nothing has much effect on it. It started to grow on the old Armour, but doesn't respond to any of the other NDTs. Levo made it fall out in handfuls! So... I'm thinking about buying a wig! I don't know.

  • Thank you for th information,I will try concoct something along those lines :-/

    Hairloss if very hard to bare,I have thick hair usually and it's falling out in clumps now.. Very upsetting x

  • I am suffering with an itchy scalp too at the moment, it feels like its crawling, not painful but really irritating, drives me mad. forehead can itch and bits of face too, but scalp worse. My mum was hyper thyroid but after treatment her thyroid symptoms change to hypo when meds need altering, and her scalp drives her mad too. She is given nizoral on perscription and she says this helps, she has given me a bottle to try and it eases the sensation for a while, but not long enough between washes. Nightmare eh!

  • Ooo thank you I will try's driving me nuts, mix the itching with exhaustion and head pain = very unhappy bunny :-@

  • I had to switch to a new thyroid med/ no help from idiot Dr. Went from the changed formula Armour that stopped working to a new one called WP Thyroid. Started to lose weight and the symptoms for a bad med stopped. Try putting Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. the stuff is great. Over time I believe you may find it helps allot.

    the products out there just don't do it, I have had the burning itch and found cold rinse helps and is good for awhile but the ACV seems to do the trick.

  • I had an itchy scalp awhile back i tried lots of different stuff but to no avail, it drove me mad my scalp ended up sore and red were i had scratched it, after my levo was reduced it gradually went, I also had burning tongue syndrome as well, these trials and tribulations affect me more mentally than physically these days :(

  • I had a really itchy scalp with the crawling sensation. I'd tried lots of different shampoos. I used an anti dandruff one for a while which helped but then the senstaions came back.

    A friend suggested a paraban free shampoo. The result is fantastic. Be aware that it may take a few washes/days to ease the itch.

  • I use cider vinegar massaged into my scalp a few hours before washing. I have very short hair and can get away with using no shampoo. Not only is the itchiness just about gone, my hair is in better condition than it's ever been (I'm now 62).

    Be aware that a lot of the anti-dandruff shampoos work by removing a layer of skin containing the flaky bits. Keep that up and it's obvious that you will thin the layer of skin over time, more so if you are older.

  • The best shampoo I have found at the moment for this awful condition is one by Green People from the Health Stores (not H & B). Gives a good lather and has a few herbs in it. Think I will give the Cider Vinegar a go though.

  • Use Nirvana's nettle and jasmine shampoo (available online), specifically formulated for problem scalps.- I was constantly scatching my head (much to the disgust of others in my office) but have not suffered since I found this shampoo years ago. Fabulous stuff.

  • Thank you everyone. I will try all the suggestions. I have no dandruff, flakes or's very annoying and embarrassing. I was not surf there was a link with this and the thyroid :-/

  • Check you ferritin and Zinc levels. When these are low, indicative of deficiencies, they cause the scalp to itch. Use gentle shampoos with no harsh chemicals and if the tests show deficiency, the remedy would be good quality supplements to be monitored in blood tests after 2-3 months depends on the doses prescribed, this will help but give it a couple of months to start seeing the benefits

  • ry using the Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother diluted with water. Massage scalp for few minutes and leave in for 15/20 minutes. Shampoo and condition - paraben-free or products for sensitive skin. Nature's Care Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner work well for me. You can also use Free & Clear shampoo and Conditioner from Amazon. Please note that you should pay attention to your diet...*do certain foods trigger the burning*. Mine is bell peppers or certain red wines and various oil..such as lavender oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and other hidden oils in certain products. You must pay a lot of attention to the reactions. Good luck, and keep strong.

  • Hi

    I am going through this it started with a headache and the burning is all over the head

    I have Fybromyalga not sure if there related

  • I had a very itchy scalp. Doctor prescribed steroid shampoo. Needless to say I did not use that. However giving up gluten worked for me. I still have gluten but lesser than before. My hair is really thinning at the moment. It's awful. I now have bald patches showing and don't know to do.

  • I'm currently dealing with this. I colored my hair black the other day and my scalp is on fire and itchy ! I thought lice but my friend couldn't find anythin . I shook my head over a white sink and black specs fell out like a lot. They don't look like nits. Dandruff maybe that was colored black ?

  • Omg I am experience ping the same thing :( do I stop the itch an burning sensation PLZZZZ help ......Jules405

  • My daughter is gluten free and her scalp psoriasis is really bad. I also have scalp psoriasis and although steroid creams help they don't cure it or keep it away.

  • I just wrote something for everyone to read. Please read and I hope it helps you and your daughter. It's not a cure but it is the next best thing. Coconut oil can simply replace your lotion.

    Honestly, I've given up on finding a cure.

  • Hi everyone, I believe i have had hypo since a young child, but wasn't diagnosed till late in my 20's. One of the things I have suffered through all my life is this dry itchy scalp. Giving me dandruff and some real nasty scabs in my hair. As a child my parents use to tell me I didn't shower correctly and even tried bathing me themselves but the problem would come back within a day. I've tried many things and what I use now works the best for me.

    I use coconut oil, every day after I shower. This helps a lot. It lowers the redness, removes flakes, and soothes my scalp.

    Other things that have helped me are:

    Apple cider, but it smells and I don't like the smell.

    Aloe, pure natural fresh cut aloe. Cut it take the pulp out and rub it on your scalp. This works great but it's a lot of work to do it every day.

    Tea trea oil - also works great but it stings/burns a bit. So try using it with other oils, like coconut. This to becomes a lot of work. Or mix it well with an all natural shampoo.

    Coconut and baking soda as shampoo, and again it burns and is a lot of work.

    Best of luck to all of you.

    P.S. you can use coconut oil or any of these on your whole body. Just make sure you're not allergic to anything first.

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