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Ferritin levels and iron tablets

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos a couple of months ago and now on levothyroxine. Whilst the GP is monitoring my levels of thyroid, they haven't bothered with other blood tests. I am extremely tired and very much on waking, i find it almost impossible to wake up! I know it might be adrenal issues and i am trying to address that problem, but I decided to pay for some private blood test which showed my iron levels are quite high 32.0 (6.6-30.4), but my ferritin seems quite low 38.5 (5-148). From reading on here I understand it needs to be at least 70 for thyroid conversion. What I would like to know is, can I raise my ferritin without raising my blood iron? What iron is best to raise ferritin levels? Would this be a reason why I am so tired? or would that not be the reason as my actual iron is high. i have read Stop the thyroid madness website but it doesn't actually answer these exact questions. Any help please.

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Forgot to say I am taking adrenal support supplements and I was wondering, could this possibly be the reason why my iron is high?? with it containing organs


try taking b12 1000ug one a day ask to have your b12 and vitamin d3 to be checked your b12 should be above 500 ,a book could it be b12 an excellent book by 2 doctors dont suffer just try it


Is there a connect then between high iron levels and low B12.

Moggie x


If you're considering requesting B12 test you need to stop supplementing 4-8 weeks beforehand. Ask for folate & vitD to be tested too, all can be deficient or low in range for hypo px.


I have just been trawling the net for ages looking for answers but have drawn a blank as far as this is concerned.

If I were you I would be going to my GP with these results to see what he/she says but I definitely would not take any form of iron supplement.

It sounded by your question that you do not take iron supplements, am I right?

Moggie x


I did have my B12 and D3 taken as well as part of the private tests and results for them look pretty good. B12 791 and Vit D 81.7, but like you mentioned I think i had taken a multi vit a few weeks before, it didn't have Vit D in but did have B12 and iron in it.

I won't take any iron then, I still would like to know why my iron is high but folate low. I was reading that viruses can steal the ferritin so that maybe the case, as all my illness started with glandular fever, which went into M.E, so that kind of makes sense.

I will mention it to my GP but I don't hold out for them giving me a correct answer! lol.

I was just worried that i should be taking iron if i needed the ferritin to be high for my thyroid, anyhow if I find out any info I will post it.xx

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Your GP should actually take this seriously as high iron can cause problems. Why dont you have a go on the net by putting in "high iron blood levels and low ferritin" and see what you get, you might have better luck than me.

Intersting point about the glandular fever, I wonder if it is significant.

Hope you find your answers and that your GP is of help.

Moggie x


I feel very ignorant about iron. But I am not convinced by the "ferritin must be 70" that is often mentioned.

What ferritin represents is a store of iron. If you have enough iron, some will be added to the store. If you do not have enough, some is taken from the ferritin store. So the absolute ferritin level does seem to me to be that important. What is important is that your ferritin level will be low if you do not have enough iron for an extended time.

I found this page which, whilst rather technical, does have some lovely pictures and at least some fairly easy to follow text!


And this is intended to be a summary of iron in the body:


Hopefully at least one of those will help you to understand things a little better. Remember my opening sentence: "I feel very ignorant about iron." :-)



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