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Results for blood tests

Hi all ,

I mentioned I was only recently diagnosed as hypo .i have just got the results and wonder if you could give me your thoughts .

When first tested on 22 July 2016

Serum tsh level - 66.48 miu/L (range 0.34- 5.6)

When tested 2 September 2016 after 6 weeks at 100mcg levothyroxine

Serum tsh level 0.70 miu/L (range 0.34-5.6)

No other tests have been done at this stage but I have another appointment with GP next Monday so may well ask for more !



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Blimey that's a high tsh. You must have felt dreadful. Can't believe they didn't check your t4 at the least.

Hopefully one of the amazingly knowledgeable people will be along soon to advise you

Lu xx

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Hi Lulu ,yes they tested it on the first test but not on this latest one .

On the first lot of blood to be tested the serum free t4 was measured at 5.4 pmol/L ( range 7.5-21.1) but they haven't checked this latest time


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And yes Lulu I felt like s***e !!!

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Well you've come to the right place. I limped in here a few weeks ago. Could barely function. Was literally bed ridden (signed off sick for 4 weeks following two weeks leave so I was determined to use the time educating myself to get well). A few short weeks later and I'm amazed by how much better I feel. Listen to and follow the amazing advice on here

Lu 😀


Hiya,well I am in much the same position ,although I have to say I feel comparitively brilliant to how I was before!

The thing is I am trying to educate myself (I have my view that after years of unnatural and prolonged stress my adrenals are in meltdown which is knocking on to my thyroid ) but it is articulating this to my gp which is the problem !

I see her again on Monday so will try but I have been dismissed as a crackpot before (but without blood results) so maybe this time this GP (I have changed GP when I moved) will listen .fingers crossed !



Hidden My guess is with the TSH now at 0.7 then your GP will say you should stay on 100mcg Levo. How do you feel? If you feel good, then fine. If not then don't let your GP dose by TSH, it's really irrelevant now you're on thyroid hormone. If he wants to reduce your dose then ask for FT4 at least (and FT3 but unlikely to be done).

Have you had antibodies tested? It would be worth having TPO and TG antibodies tested to rule out (or in) autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's.

And if you're asking for tests then add

Vit D




to the list :)

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Hi seasidesusie ,

Well he has told me that he doesn't want bloods taking for 3 months (a little strange I thought as I was only initially diagnosed 6 weeks ago) as I am now within range and he is keeping me on the 100 mcg . He doesn't seem interested in what's causing it (the thyroid malfunction) which is disconcerting as we are all encouraged to take responsibility for our own health (we can't do that if not furnished with as much info as is available -down to costs I should imagine)

For all I know this could be a pituitary problem /thyroid cancer or adrenal stress .i have another appointment on Monday so will talk at length with the GP then ,thanks x


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