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Had bloods done last year privately TSH - 1.117 T4 - 81 TT3 - 0.73 Free T4 - 19.07 Free T3 - 3.27 B12 - 173 DHEA - 3.3 I was given T-Convert and DHEA at first felt ok, then heart pounding they reduct DHEA , settled bit then so worse, felt so ill and my heart beating so fast thought was going to have heart attack - so stopped them. Went Drs in May and finally agreed to bloods B12 - 210, folate - 5.5, Ferritin 96. Told me to take tablets and come back in few months for retest to see if absorption issue and to do celiac test. The shakes have got worse and muscles so weak. Went back today to ask for injections but won't until another blood test - I said won't the tablet give false reading - said no and to go for bloods Friday. Looks like I will have to self inject as won't listen, says folate and ferritin are also normal, but they look low to me. Advice please anyone.

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Hi SOGS, could you write a new post with test results and ranges?


I put results at top what other results? Thankd


People really need the ranges for the those results (the numbers in brackets after the results) because where you are in the range is quite important.


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