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When to take Levo, T3, vitamins and minerals?

Hi all

Can anyone help me with a timetable to take all of the above. I've tried but mess up the timings because I forget or get up late.

What I usually do is have Levo before bed, breakfast with the vitamins and selenium. Iron X 1 210mg tablet with vitamin c 2 hours later. Lunch 2 hours after iron tablet. Then evening meal with vitamins, 2 hours later I have my second iron tablet, then 2 hours after... Late at night before bed I have my Levo.

Problem is, I need to add 10mcg T3 to the Levo so changed this to 7.30am. Then I need to have another 20mcg of T3 8-12 hours after the first dose. Further still, my magnesium citrate has arrived and my osteopath suggested I have it with my lunch!

I know there are certain timings for iron tablets... 4 hours after Levo or T3... I can't think straight enough to fit in all of them in a day. Which minerals can I have with what and on an empty stomach or with food!

Sorry that must be so confusing. Can anyone help?

List of supplements:

Vitamin capsules

400 selenium

210mcg ferrous Fumerate X 2 doses

Levo 50mcg

T3 10mcg X 2 doses

500 magnesium citrate x2 with lunch

😊 I'm rattling with pills!

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If you are taking fat soluble vitamins e.g. vitamin D3, vitamin A, vitamin E then you should be taking them with lunch or dinner. The only exception is if you eat fatty foods and things like eggs for breakfast. Simply as fat soluble vitamins are best absorbed with fats.

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Hi bluebug , I am taking vitamin a and e at breakfast time with eggs and coconut oil.


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