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Adrenal questions

Help on lab results. I have finally gotten my thyroid under control but I'm still having some ackward symptoms. Due to adrenals I'm sure. My saliva test confirms that I have low cortisol and my temps are still marginally low. My labs are as follows.

Morning 5.4 range .9 to 9.5

Noon .73 range .6 to 3.2

Pm .28 range .4 to 1.5

Nite <.25 range is .25 to 1

I currently take 4000mg vit c

400mg magnesium glycinate


B complex with ashwanda



2.5 grain thyroid

Dhea 25 mg

I have some Thorne research adrenal cortex and I'm wondering how to dose it. Times and amount. All help is appreciated. I feel like I'm almost over the hump of this crap.

Some have mentioned hydrocortisone because of my low cortisol profile. I'm worried though if I do take it and I'm pooling t3 and all the sudden my cells open up allowing all the t3 in I'm gonna be in much worse condition.

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No, you do not want HC. HC is for people that are very low first thing in the morning, not late at night. Personally, I doubt you need ashwaghanda, either, because that is better at lowering cortisol, than raising it.

Try the adrenal cortex, plenty of B vits and vit C, and don't skimp on the salt - adrenals need salt.


How should I dose the adrenal cortex.


Sorry, I have no idea. Never taken it. Does it not say on the packet?


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