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Tingling hands

New member here, trying to head my head round thyroid issues. I was referred to GP after blood donating unit said my iron levels were 'in my boots'. I've given blood for 30 years, anaemia is not something I am prone to. Blood tests came back saying my red blood cells were large so investigations began. I have no figures or numbers, mainly due to brain fog and tiredness over the last 6 months or so. Iron stores are now ok after taking prescription, B12 is ok, ferrates and liver all ok. I suggested they check thyroid as my mother has been on levothyroxine for years. Over the last few months, one has come back on the low side and one on the high side so the GP ordered an antibody test, which came back at 600 and something. She sad this was a clear indication that my thyroid function was declining and not likely to improve. Started on 25mcg of levy about 5 weeks ago, repeat blood test at week 4 and the results were slightly better she said, this time I remembered to ask what the results were, the 'free' thyroid being 13 bringing it into the normal range (12-22) and the TSH was 5.54, still on the high side she said. She has increased the prescription to alternate days of 25 and 50 and retest in 6 weeks.

The tiredness isn't great but my main issue is numbness and tingling in my hands, feels similar to carpal tunnel which I had 20 years ago when pregnant. If I have just been using my hands, I can pick up a pen and write legibly, which is a bit of an issue at work! GP has suggested referring me to the hand clinic at local hospital if my tingling doesn't improve and meanwhile has recommended splints for both wrists.

I have confidence in my GP, but I know I need to get my head round the whole issue so we can manage it together, but my big question is does anyone have reassurance about the tingling (also chinking in my ear, not debilitating in the least, just annoying) and is it, as I suspect, linked to wobbly thyroid? I am 50 next month and it seems that anything that can possibly go wrong with women is just attributed to perimenopause years.

Any advice would be very welcome :)

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Welcome mostlyhappy,

That's actually not a bad place to be,👍

Have you any idea of the levels of Vit B12. Folate, Vit D and Ferritin from your most recent tests.

Can you check if these have been tested and ask the receptionist at your GPS surgery ( by phone if you can't get there) for the results.

By that we mean the figure and the range. You are entitled to these and you can ask for a print out for future reference.

If you go to PAS forum within HealthUnlocked you will see lots of posts similar to yours.

Numbness and tingling are just 2 of the symptoms or Vit B12 deficiency or Pernicious Anemia.

When you get your results post them on the PAS forum and the lovely members there will comment.

Lots of us supplement with B12 but it is advisable to have your levels noted first

Other members here will help with your Thyroid.

I'm a member of both fora as lots of people suffer from both.

Hope this is off some help to you M.

J 🍀


thanks Jose, I think they were all tested and were 'normal' but I really need to find out the specific results and keep my own notes too. I'm not very good with doctors. I'll have a look at the PAS forum too- thanks for the pointer. x

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No bother, love the name ,

Make that you First Priority please mostlyhappy . I will be very shocked if your B12 etc aren't very low.

Take care,



I specifically asked for B12 to be tested, I have a good diet but I don't eat meat and have had pretty heavy periods for the last couple of years...but was told it was normal. I'll ask for the actual result ;) thanks x

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As you have Hashimoto's then you may find adopting 100% gluten free diet can help reduce symptoms, and lower antibodies too.

Assume you know that Levo generally should be taken on empty stomach and no food or drink for at least hour after. Many of us take on waking, some prefer bedtime, either as more convenient or perhaps more effective. No other medications at same time, especially iron or magnesium, these must be at least 4 hours away

Best advice is to read as much as you can. Vitamin and minerals levels are very important, but standard NHS thinking, doesn't at the moment seem to recognise this.

You will see, time and time again on here lots of information and advice about importance of good levels of B12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D, leaky gut and gluten connection to autoimmune Hashimoto's too.


the GP didn't mention Hashimotos, is auto immune hypo always this?

Yes, I am taking my Levo like you describe, I'm an early waker so this is easy for me. I have toyed with the idea of trying gluten free, it just seems so drastic. I have taken lanzoprazole for GERD for about 3 years until I decided to come off it myself. I'm over the transition now and sensible eating keeps it under control. I decided it probably wasn't helping my low iron stores, glad to be finally off it, only to find medication has been replaced with Levo.

I have been recommended to use wrist splints for a few weeks, but they are hardly practical for day to day activities.

I'll have a read around gluten free and think about giving it a proper shout. I naturally go easy on bread/ pasta etc as it is the quickest way for me to feel overfull and bloated but maybe I need to take it more seriously.

thanks for your advice slow dragon x


Yes, GPS often dish out PPIs - thinking its high stomach acid........nearly always if we're hypo its actually low stomach acid

Search on here "low stomach acid" - you'll find masses


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