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Tingling / fizzy sensation in hands, legs and feet

Am getting really worried about this.

Had blood tests but GP said all the results were normal. I was trying to see the B12 result but couldn't see that well - though it looked like about 235 or so, but really not sure. Then got sent for an x-ray but haven't heard the result of that.

I tried osteopath and bowen therapy before going to GP but neither made any difference.

Does anyone else get these tingling sensations? Sometimes it seems to creep up into my head/face as well. I am getting quite freaked out about it.

Is it worth getting some vitamin B12 and vitamin D tablets to see if they help?

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You should not have to sneak a peak! You have every right to get a copy of your records - including test results. Have a look here:

I would go as soon as possible to get a paper copy of your results, then post another question, and let's take it from there.

B12 and vitamin D tablets might be just what you need - but they might not be. Get those results and make a more informed decision.


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I have been getting exactly the same thing, tingling and pins and needles in hands and feet, sometimes a pricking sensation, and sometimes it happens all over my body. I am hypo and taking levo and my B12 is in range at 394. Apparently the range in the U.K. is too low and some say if you have symptoms and level is under 400 treatment is needed but doctors do not treat at this level. The level in Japan is under 500 to get treatment.

If you go to there its lots of info on there.

Ask your G.P. for the actual result with the ranges and post on here so people can comment and offer advice.

Do you also have thyroid problems if so again post your level, ranges and what meds. you are taking.

Ask your G.P. to test for iron, ferritin folates and Vit D. especially if you have thyroid problems.

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Pins and needles can be a sign of untreated/undertreated hypothyroidism - it certainly was for me (my B12 was in range as well). Have a look at the list of symptoms:

Do you have your latest thyroid function test results? xx


Best not to supplement B12 until you know your folate range, they are co-dependent and supplementing one only can mask deficiencies in the other.

Ditto vitaminD and calcium. Over supplementation of vitD can leach calcium from the bones into the bloodstream. Tingling, usually with numbness, can also be a sign of low calcium.


Thanks for all of your replies.

I have been hypothyroid for about 7 years, but in the past few months have been trying various combinations of T4/T3 and I do wonder if this could have triggered the tingling. I had read so much about how T3 can make you feel much better than T4 alone, but for me it doesn't seem to have been the case at all.

In fact once I have had the next blood test done in a couple of weeks I will be going back to just the T4. Shame really because it took a lot of pestering to get endo to let me try it and now it looks like he was right all along - says he has never had a patient do any better on it than T4 alone and none has stayed on it for more than a few months - oh well :(

So from your posts it is not a case of just going into Boots and buying some B12 and D tablets?

My GP surgery is truly awful about handing over results - they just say no problems because everything has come back as normal, end of. I have to fight to get my thyroid results from them. I knew my TSH was too suppressed, for a couple of years or so it has been 0.001 but they just file the results away as OK and, being post-menopausal, I am anxious about my bone density and heart.

I just want to go back to 1979!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


best test before supplementing then you know where you are. (active B12 test is much better).

As someone who has had a battery of tests for suspected 'trapped nerves' (never again, extra neck ribs another story - talk about 'creepy' feelings yuk!). I will say that Vit D sorted my 'calcium leaching out of bones' problem - bilateral 'carpal/cubital tunnel', spongy painful shins & breastbone/ribcage like-a-vice pain (complimented by magnesium in the form of epsom salts and K2 as brie!) and I admit I supplemented a little before having a B12 test (B12 & B complex) - so I can't say how low it was before.

You think you may now have hyper symptoms? (you say "TSH too suppressed") GPs are always warning about Levo & osteoporosis - I wonder if it's something underlying which Levo can't draw on.... but needs.... (deficiency?) and of course where do those parathyroid calcium-controlling rice-like beasts live?

meanwhile a link to the osteoporosis site leaflet...

For private testing (if your GP like mine wouldn't) here.... (VitD £25, Active B12 £57)

Hmm 1979... - the Jam, Cure, Stranglers, local weirdo bands - perhaps it's as simple as - I just jumped up & down too much! actually I can't remember, lol! J :D


Hi spareribs

I was just reading about parathyroids, as this can effect calcium and Vit D levels.

(My Vit D was 22 a year ago, now 71 with supplementing)

I am getting tingling, prickling, pins and needles and blaming it on low B12 (serum 394 range

180 - 1130) Active B12 69 range 25.1 - 165)

Apparently radiation to the neck or chest and some chemo drugs can damage the parathyroids. I had both when I had breast cancer 20 years ago.

I have been hypo for 3 years and the tingling etc. has only come on in the last few weeks.

Maybe I am clutching at straws.

I have appt. tomorrow with G.P. to discuss.


Hi ,Fascinated by your "rib cage like a vice pain" comment.Currently being treated for non specific autoimmune condition to no effect.Severe rib pain and joint swelling as well as tingling in hands/arms and feet are amongst the symptoms!

Could it be the Docs are misdiagnosing?


Don't supplement B12 until you know where you stand with it, you might need injections. Have a read around this link while waiting for copies of your results:

This part is about getting a diagnosis:


Yes I get these too, starting from a few months before I got diagnosed with hypo. GP sent me for neck X-ray and it turned out I had a slipped disc, for which I had some physio. Is the neck where they x-rayed you? The tingling comes and goes in phases of a few months on and a few off. I'm not sure it's all down to the slipped disc but it has gone on for around 10 years now. The only consolation I can offer is I haven't dropped dead yet! As others have said low B12 can be a cause, also high blood glucose.


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