Weird tingling/ numbness in head/ scalp?

Hi I had. Total thyroidectomy done in december last year and RAI in March this year. I've been in 100(don't know the unit) of lev thyroxine since. I was feeling ok until I noticed about two weeks ago this strange tingling sensation in my left side of head above my's quite worrying as I have no idea what this could be caused from. I went to my dr and she said nothing to worry about but to have more bloods done. Called the nurse who looked after me when I had my RAI and she said to report the blood work back to her after and not to let the Dr change the amount of thyroxine I'm taking. Has anyone any experience of this. I have been feeling quite tense and stressed recently but I'm sure this can't be due to this. The nurse at the hospital where I had the ablation find said she had never heard of this due to RAI. Confused and a little worried...?!?

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  • Loopy, I edited your post as the message repeated for some reason.

    RAI can often cause mouth dryness and sometimes saliva gland problems but I think that the tingling and numbness you describe is more likely to be due to stress or tension or perhaps grinding or clenching your teeth while you're asleep.

    It may be worth getting your dentist to check your teeth. Grinding or clenching can cause pressure and inflammation on the temporomandibula joint (TMJ) and this can cause tension in the head and neck. I had a mouth night guard made to prevent this and the cranial osteopath I saw regularly commented that my head and neck muscles were much more relaxed before I mentioned the mouth guard.

  • Did an hour yoga today feel relaxed now but still tingling??

  • Or, it could be low B12. Have you had your vits and mins tested? Vit D, vit B12, folate, iron and ferritin. :)

  • No, maybe I will see if they can add this on to test tomorrow? Can b12 define cry do this?

  • Low B12 causes tingling, pins and needles sensations, and many, many other disagreable symptoms. And most hypos are B12 deficient. So, it really would be a good idea to get it tested.

  • I agree with GG - Could be B12 def. and should be checked out:

  • I also have this problem , same place on the head as you. Have been getting the tingling for a couple of years on and off, was told mine is due to the fact that I have osteoarthritis & muscle spasms which affect the nerve pathways . Not lacking in Vitamin B so cant do much about it really .Don't know if you have any problems with your joints at all ? Tina.

  • Hi Tina, thanks for replying. How long did/does the episodes last and were you worried at all. I first noticed it a few weeks ago as a once off and now every day for the past 4-5 days. I'm worried it's something sinister as I had RAI(did you have this)and they say that there could be a chance if secondary cancers?!? The thing is is I experienced a tingling lip before from kiwis calcium after total thyroidectomy, I've been B12 deficient in the past and it was never like this but I've had bloods done today so I suppose I will have to wait and see. I notice that it gets worse when I'm sat still. If I'm out and about its les noticeable??

  • Hi, the tingling episodes tend to last 20 or 30 minutes , mostly when I lie down in bed , just on my right side , will get these tingling sensations on and off for 2 or 3 weeks then nothing for a month or so. Don't have thyroid problems myself but my husband does ,so I haven't had RAI myself. Don't worry too much , have a word with your doctor or specialist who should put your mind at rest. Tina x

  • Have you had your Parathyroids checked..Calcium checked? They can become damaged during surgery and sometimes take months to heal, if at all. RAI can cause issues as well.

  • Thanks faith ends said para's not damaged and blood results after surgery were ok. Yes, I've had to can experience some nerve damage after RAI.

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