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Tingling fingers and hands

Since being diagnosed as having an underactive thyroid I occasionally still experience tingling in my feet. But for the past few days I have experienced tingling in my fingers and more so in my left hand. Is this related to my thyroid condition?


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If you put 'tingling' in the search box there's quite a few posts - low vit B12 or perhaps vit D (in my case) Thyroid problems go hand in hand (sorry for the unintentional pun) with low vitamins & minerals (irons too) here's one of many previous posts...

please be aware that if it's 'bilateral' carpal tunnel, surgery may not work especially if you get referred to a surgeon! (I personally know of 4 people who will give evidence) hence why we recommend getting tested and worth trying some supplements first. J :D


Thanks, I'll follow your recommendation & have a look. I do take multi vits, B12 and cod liver oil, had recent bloods and they came back fine. I'm just hoping the tingles in my hand will be a one off..

I've just read the post you recommended - v interesting, I have had the feeling the top part of my arm is numb too.

Thanks again


If you can get a print out of your tests others can help (you have a right to see all your records btw, but we don't as we don't want to be a nuisance)

did they actually do Vit D or B12? as 'costwise' it's not usual. 'Full bloods' doesn't tend to include vitamins, sorry. I had no idea of their importance either 'til I supplemented & felt the benefit.

Multivits are limited to the recommended low levels (even Pregaday), Cod liver oil is well proven to help (but one VitD drop I take daily is equivalent to 10 capsules - but without the vit A element, which can be overdosed on).

You should really ask for specific tests - my GP wouldn't do them (or my daughter's, she's 29 & deficient too) so, eventually we clicked, & got a private NHS pinprick test for Vit D (£25 at city assays, as did quite a few folks here - there's a poll about vitamins too).

I really hope it's a 'one off' too, & you feel better soon, but must say the modern diet is lacking, which is probably why they fortify various 'foods' such as cereal. Best wishes Jane :D



what spare ribs is saying is quite right.

Apparently my B12 is fine, the range is 191-664 and I'm at 205 so at the lower end. This is the same for my Iron and Vit D.

Being Hypo and as we age means we have less stomach acid to get the best from food/vits and being low in these rather than optimal stops our thyroid medication working very well.

You can take Apple Cider Vinegar to help with absorption.


Thank you both so much.

I have a good GP, but I feel sometimes that I am being silly or a time waster by asking for help (this is to do with me not my GP). I think it might be advisable if I actually book an appointment and go in and discuss this with him.

Dannia can I ask, do you take the apple cider at a particular time?


Just a thought on tingling. I have some "natures aid" Vitamin B Complex. The label states the following: "long term intakes of 50mg of Vitamin B6 per day may lead to mild tingling and numbness". So it seems that too much can have a similar effect to too little.


Thanks Louisa.


I had tingling hands and feet a while ago, so I asked for a B12 test. I was told my levels were fine, but when I checked the numbers I was only a few points off the bottom of the range. I took a high dose sublingual B12 tablet every day for a few months and got my levels up to the top of the range and the tingling went. I also found that my insomnia and my mood improved too. If you have trouble absorbing the B12 then taking an ordinary supplement won't help much, sublingual tablets are much more easily absorbed. It's worth double checking your B12 levels because long term deficiency can cause permanent damage and a whole range of horrible symptoms.


Hi, this is very interesting as I do have erractic sleep patterns - often feel tired but often don't sleep. I had put this down to another medical condition. But on the advice of a new and kindly pharmacist, who suggested I change my brand of thyroxine and suggested taking B12, I bought a high dosage B12 from Holland & Barratt about 6 weeks ago and I have felt slightly more level in my energy levels & mood (again an interesting point).

I will print out this info and take to my GP appointment in the new year.

Thank you everyone - this such a fantastic site and each time I visit for advice, I receive wonderful support and advice x


You have a good chemist! I hope the suggestions above help, and your GP listens. Please get vitamins & minerals tested, inc irons folate & ferratin.

I was told the bilateral carpal and cubital tunnel symptoms were from my other problem too (extra neck ribs) but they have eased with Vit D3 supplements (it's not just a vitamin btw & it affects calcuim).

One thing I have to say is that a lot of vegetarian folks are susceptible to B12 deficiency, as it is in meat. However if you are a meat eater that indicates an absorption problem.

Best wishes Jane :D


Dear Jane

I wanted to reply to you, as you highlighted something which I hadn't even thought about; being a vegetarian - which I am!

Thanks for your messages & advice x


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