Poor blood production for test

As per recommendations from folks here I sent,for a Blue Horizon blood test kit. Bearing in mind it was 2 weeks since being starting T3 I chose the finger prick test. I did the test exactly as recommended and barely got any blood out. As it was insufficient for testing Blue Horizon sent me another kit and as nurse at GP surgery agreed to draw blood I had it done there today. This is now 3 weeks on T3. The nurse was unable to draw blood from arm on two attempts and eventually managed on my hand, although it was extremely slow coming. I have never had a problem with blood tests in the past, and have had many of them. Is this likely to be a side effect of the T3?

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  • I often have the problems you've mentioned with getting blood which I think go along with a slow metabolism.

    The advice I've been given is to be as warm as possible and drink lots and lots of water.

    Having said that, success is hugely affected by the skill of the person drawing blood!

  • Don't know about side effect of t3 or not but I did have huge problem getting enough blood for test first time when on NDT, six hours of drip occasionally. By the next test I had been on ginko for a few weeks. Followed advise to drink lots of water day before, got blood pumping and made sure I was really warm... and gently pumped the finger... bad description sorry, just slight pressure above the hole when blood stopped and it started again. Only used one lancet last time... all done in a few minutes😊

  • What benefit does the ginkgo have? I take quite a few supplements but didn't know about that. And thanks, that was a great description. I've got an NHS test next week so I'll use this advice!

  • Ginkgo thins the blood, improves circulation ... well seems to work for me anyway 😊 Good luck with blood draw 😊 xLinda

  • Hi Fibrolinda, just thought I'd let you know I followed your advice and the blood was pumping, if you see hat I mean. So many thanks for your advice. Xx

  • 🤣 I know what you mean 😀 glad it worked for you too.

    X Linda

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