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I feel I've learnt a lot since recently joining this forum (due to the experiences of others and the wisdom expressed from certain contributors); and am beginning to have a deeper understanding of just what this condition entails.

It appears that what I possibly mistook as menopausal symptoms may actually have been more down to the hypothyroidism (if not caused by it; certainly exacerbated by it). As my health problems have only gotten worse & multiplied I seriously need some positive change. From all that I've gleaned from this site (& links from it); I think being pro active is the only sane option. Relying purely on over worked (& in some cases, clearly disinterested) GPs, unless you're extremely lucky, seems the riskier option.

About ten months ago I got a really nasty throat infection; I could barely swallow. As nasty as it was, I think a healthy person would've gotten over it in a week. I got worse, it felt like it was taking over my whole body. Thought it must be glandular fever or something so asked for a blood test. When requested results I was told no action needed. I attempted to go back to work (part time) but felt so wretched I had to go off again. Then woke up with one eye blood red, I was really worried by then as also felt so weak. So retuned again(!) to the dr & was then told that I did in fact have an infection; but (in her words) not much of one (?). I had to go to that surgery three times before I got antibiotics & had three weeks off work. I very quickly began to feel better after starting the antibiotics. So what she considered a mild infection (not even worth telling me about) had made me seriously ill. I did speak to her on the phone about it but got a very prickly response, said I'd need to come to the surgery to continue conversation; I told her I'd been to the surgery more than I cared to of late, so no thank you. I changed my dr but the new one had obviously been primed & her manner was so hostile when I saw her that I was truly shocked & had to change to a different surgery. Sorry for rant & length of post; but I was appalled at the arrogance & lack of caring. I should have complained but I felt so physically & emotionally weak that I didn't have the stamina.

I'm now quite scared of catching anything in case I can't fight it off & feel quite vulnerable (with other health worries: occasional heart racing, weight gain, fog, allergies etc. ext. list! 😐).

So I've taken the plunge and am awaiting some results from blue horizon, (blood drawn free at local hosp). I will post when they arrive, in the hope that the knowledgable and kindly members here may help interpret them for me please; as I'm still pretty green.

(I did ask GP, but he said he would do a standard thyroid function blood test 'today' (cheers!)). So fortunate this site exists!

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well done you for trying to take your situation seriously . it appears to me from the many posts here that the most important thing is to get a g.p. that actually has some idea of what is in front of them -- and they can guide you through to empathetic endo's -- you are quite correct about this site .... the site , people, and advise here can be invaluable to those that like you & me actually knew damn all about this condition at the onset -- and try to point us in the right direction as well as empathise and understanding -- my lady is a living example of the help given freely by those here , and we will forever be indebted to them all .....alan x


Thank you & I agree about the GPs. My new surgery is going through a bit of a shuffle at the moment. One lives in hope! 😌


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