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Help having a panic!

So last week I visited the Dr as I'd been noticing palpatations, mainly at night when I was lying down. The Dr did an ECG and said all good not to worry but to go back if they got worse or I started to have pain, or other symptoms.

Last week i also had a bout were I felt like I had low blood sugar, I wasn't hungry but noticed that I had that same feeling. I was shaking, feeling clammy, heart racing and generally weak, after I'd eaten it went away so I didn't think too much of it as I have had this from time to time.

So today we've come away for a few days to the lake district and I feel really unwell, we've been walking and I feel like I'm trying to walk through treacle my muscles in my legs ache so much, then midway through our walk, I've come over all shaky, heart racing, feeling clammy, the same feeling like low blood sugar although I'd eaten a few hours before.

We sat down had some food and I feel better although now I'm really anxious so my heart still feels like it's thudding but that could be anxiety.

I just want to cry, I'm trying to enjoy a few days break but I'm really worrying that something is seriously wrong. I've got my GP calling me next week as I wanted to try and get him to give me some Levo as a trial but at the moment feel like I'm about to keel over.

Anyone know if these are common symptoms with hypo?

I think if I'd been at home I would have gone straight to the Dr's emergency walk in but being in an area I don't know is just making the anxiety worse.


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Hi, I'm sure someone with experience of hypo symptoms will respond but I just wanted to ask if you'd had other hormone levels checked recently?


Hi DoubleM no the problem is I'm borderline, my FT4 is very low in range and TSH is just under 4, I have an enlarged thyroid and nodules, needless to say Dr's and Endo at the hospital don't want to know because I'm still in range according to them. I had my blood sugar levels checked a couple of months ago and they were fine but just worrying which doesn't help as the anxiety causes a vicious circle!


Have you thought about having your adrenal glands checked. I had those symptoms along with a few others when my adrenals were exhausted. I would shake and my heart would race at any time and I felt truly awful. Quite often though it happeed in bed when I first lay down. Sometimes food or a sugary drink would help a little but not always. It stopped me living a normal life for quite some time but after taking advice on diet, supplements and stress reduction I am now back to normal. There is no quick fix though, it takes time to heal.


Thank you Familymatters it is something I've been thinking about as I've been reading a lot about adrenals and also how it's closely linked with thyroid symptoms. Can you tell me how you go about getting them tested as I seem to be reading various ways and not sure which is best/accurate.

I freely admit my diet is awful, I feel so sluggish that I'm tending to eat things to give me an energy boost and it's a vicious circle as it's a short lived response which then results in me feeling awful shortly afterwards.

Today I've decided to try and sort my diet out so I had some fruit and yoghurt for breakfast with wholegrain toast and I'm going to try and lay off of too many carbs/sugar as I don't think it's helping.

I think you might have hit the nail on the head though as I think thyroid has been struggling for years and that obviously won't help the adrenals!

Thank you for the reply


I suffered from adrenal fatigue which affected me in a similar way to how you describe. I would crash just from watching a debate on the tv or the news or if the children argued. Any level of tension would be enough to make me feel ill. I felt nauseous and found eating,especially in the morning difficult. I had bowel issues and uncontrollable shakes and often couldn't look after my children. That was 5 years ago and now that is mostly behind me, although I do have the occasional reminder to look after myself. I improved my health with the help of a practitioner in London who I visited once but communicated with by phone or e mail after the initial consultation. ( which helped with cost). He checked saliva cortisol levels and a few other things and started me on various supplements like high dose Vit c and magnesium to name a few with the aim being to support the adrenals and help them repair themselves. Which they obviously have. I had to live a clean life and rest and try to stay generally calm, eat well and allow the adrenals time to heal which can take time and there were set backs but I feel I have got there. I now do things which in 2011 I didn't think I'd ever do again. So it can be done and is nothing to be feared. There is a problem with all Drs I have told about my recovery, as none of them believe me and say there is no such thing as adrenal fatigue only addisons or cushings. But I know different. Get checked for adrenal problems, if you get the all clear you'll have a peace of mind, if not you'll know what you've got to do and you can start taking steps to getting your life back. Genova do a saliva test for adrenal stress but you would need someone to be able to report on it and take the right course of action if needed. One important thing he said was I needed a good source of protein with my breakfast and not to go more than 3/4 hours without food with protein as this keeps the blood sugar stable and allows the adrenals to heal. Also the adrenals need a high dose if vit c to stay healthy. Good luck.

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Thank you so much Familymatters that is so helpful and I'm glad to hear that you are recovering well. I will certainly look into it as I tend to have lots of cravings for sugar/carbs and I read that is a symptom as well. I'm speaking to my GP next week but not holding out much hope, I've also been looking at a private Dr in Winchester who deals with metabolic disorders, I've read good things and he tends to look at the whole picture rather than just one thing! Thanks again


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