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Don't want to lose T3

I have been spoiled with a good doctor in the uk, I was lucky enough to get T3 and T4, now in a fit of madness we have moved to Sweden, where the prescriptions are more controversial in as much it's very government controlled as to whether you will get a script filled even if a drug is prescribed for you.. So the biggie is if and it's likely I won't be able to get T3 prescribed, how best am I to obtain it? I don't fancy the metabolic abusing versions as shipped to body builders and so on....

With out t3 I lose my heart rate down to 40 Bpm and collapse a lot, general symptoms are as expected but still with collapse and fuzzy, tired, etc low B12, mag and D, sellium, Never above the min for lymphocytes.... (Been tested for AIDS and never had chemo) also have ibs, wheat intolerant... So losing T3 means I would probably be back under pressure for a pace maker! Which is crazy...

Hope some one can help as I will pay to go down the route of self help, so to speak. Thank you for reading

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Tiromel (Turkish) and Uni-Pharma (Greek) T3 are good products which many thyroid patients rely on. They are available OTC in Turkey and Greece so are easy to obtain. Just because body builders abuse them doesn't degrade the products. Mcg for mcg I find Tiromel and Mercury Pharma T3 the same.

If you don't want Tiromel or Uni-Pharma the only suggestion I can make is to register with a doctor in France, Germany, Serbia, Romania etc. for prescription T3.


Try Norway!

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How to that as not a Norwegian registered person. Minx you I only live to hrs from the border me hemaven no I rana


I guess you can just book an appointment with any private doctor. Norwegians and swedish have joined forum for thyroid issues, they know names of doctors/clinics who prescribe T3. So you could try asking them if any swedish talking could help you to get in contact with people on that forum as it is not in English.


So if one is unable to travel and not prescribed t3 in Finland ,one can't get it through customs nor ask anyone to bring t3 with them from abroad w/o prescription?


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