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T3 was prescribed for me in an Eastbourne hospital recently only when I tried to have it prescribed through my local practice...they had never heard of it so couldn't prescribe me any....has anyone been prescribed T3 and then come up against a brick wall like I did? If I have to buy T3 on-line then how do I know that what I am buying is the genuine article?

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  • Hi Gosport Nancy, I'm in Eastbourne too,  What's the thyroid consultant like, is he good? What GP practice are with, is it the Sovereign Harbour one?  I did try to send you a private message, not sure I did it right? Hope you get your T3 soon x

  • I haven't seen a thyroid consultant since I moved to Eastbourne 2 years ago. I am with Park Practice where they have never heard of T3. Just frightened myself, reading up on the side effects of levothyroxine. I have had nearly all the side effects when I wasn't taking any. More confused than before.

  • Hi, tell them to look up the BNF and they will find Liothyronine there.  That is their Bible.

    Jo  xx

  • Hi. Yes hit a wall for T3 and armour, I have had to fight for armour and luckily I started to have side effects to levothyroxine,so I sat at doctors and said what are you going to do keep me sick or prescribe T3. So they had to put me on it, but I'm worried all the time that it will be stopped due to price, as I am on 4/5 tablets a day. I'm in Wales, and I'm on my 4th endo as they are all useless.

  • I am in Bristol and my GP has said he has been told he can no longer prescribe T3 and is sending me to see an Endo. Who hopefully will agree to do so. Fingers crossed as I am so much better in it than Levo.

  • All the above comments above may apply, but if you said "T3" it is very likely they couldn't find it. You would probably need to called it "liothyronine" (or, for older medics, possibly "Tertroxin").

  • I'm in Stroud and likewise, new GP refuses to prescribe T3 and Armour which I was on happily for years (having done terribly on levo). Nor restarted levothyroxine and feel dreadful already. If someone could PM me details of where in the world affordable T3 is now available on line that would be fantastic. (One place in US is charging £178 for 100 tabs) Who in the GMC has decreed we now can't be prescribed stuff that works for us? Dr says one size has to fit all. Aagh!

  • Just try other pharmacies.  The larger ones will have heard of it I'm sure. Boots get it in though local branches may not stock it. Same for Lloyds. You shouldn't need to get it online if you have a prescription.  Tell us how you get on!!

  • I'm in Eastbourne too and have been prescribed T3 through an Endo in Tunbridge Wells. If your doctor doesn't prescribe it try changing doctors. I get my prescription from Boots in the Arndale.

  • My GP, who I have to say have been great, told me as GP's they are not licenced to prescribe Liothyronine, but would do so on a consultant's say so, which is what they have done for me. May be worth getting a referral to an Endo, who will then recommend your GP to prescribe it for you.

  • As aineyy says - my GP says they can only prescribe T3 if instructed to do so by Endo. I asked to be referred am now on T3  only, requested by Endo and prescribed by GP. 

    Good luck. 

  • Please advise how and where I might obtain T3 safely from abroad as it costs 40 times more per tablet ( £9/ tablet) in the UK and my GP has warned that it is being withdrawn from his practice. I am also considering taking desiccated thyroid hormone (Armour or similar) and would welcome any feedback. I am currently taking 125 mcg of thyroxine and 10mcg ( half tablet) of T3 daily as prescribed, until my T3 is withdrawn. Any advice is appreciated.

  • open a fresh post and ask the same question, someone will PM you

  • Hi Nancy

    Get a copy of letter from the hospital which prescribed t3 and show it to your practice.

    Good luck 

  • I am also in Eastbourne. I was referred to an Endocrinologist who advised my GP to prescribe Liothyronine which for now my GP practice does and get it from Day Lewis pharmacy

  • That sounds a bit confusing since TSH changes T4 into T3. Thyroxine, to my understanding is T4. They only increase the amount of T4 into your system in hopes that more T3 production will follow. T3 carries nutrients into your blood stream in the small intestine. T4 carries fats.

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