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So I got my latest bloods and TSH is 0.02 (0.27-4.20) and FT4 is 23 (9.0-26.0). The lab refused to test my FT3 again as they considered it to be normal last time at 3.9. I've had worsening anxiety since being on 100mcg Levothyroxine for the last 6 weeks. ( I never had anxiety until I started medicating!) So the doctor has recommended I go back to 75mcg. My only issue is at 75 mcg my aches and pains were still here ( they are at 100mcg too!) The reason I upped my dose was to try and rid the pain.

I also discussed that I was taking various supplements, he recommended to stop taking them!

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  • Ffs hun why did he recommend you stop taking the supps? If you drop your t4 your t3 will lower and 3.9 seems low in range anyway. I would get private bloods done, then you will have the bigger picture. You might need some t3 like me

  • Because in his eyes my vitamins are all in range so I'm better just eating a healthy diet. I think i will get some private test done as i need to know my Latest T3 to see if it has changed.

  • I would

  • I do wish i'd never started taking thyroxine. id probably have been better just getting my vitamins sorted

  • Cant remember which surgery you said you go to

  • Central.

  • When did you last have your vitamin and mineral levels checked?

    If you are taking iron and have been for over 6 months without a test you need to have one. Likewise if you are supplementing with vitamin D and your original level was not optimal.

  • In June. I don't take Iron regularly just about one 210mg a week.

    My vitamin D was 79 > 50 ( it was 34 in Dec)

    My Ferritin 151ug/L (15-350) (it was 69 in December)

    B12 1091ng/L (191-663) (it was 232 in Dec)

    folate 12.5ug/L (4.6-18.7) (was 5 in Dec)

  • Your supplement levels are fine though your vitamin D could be slightly higher around 100 but this shouldn't leave you achy. You need to get your T3 checked as Jefner said.

  • do you have Hashimoto's? Had both sets of antibodies checked?

    If you do have Hashi, are you on gluten free diet?

    Or considering trying it?

    In addition Selenium supplements can help lower antibodies

    Your vitamin levels have improved a lot, B12 especially .....but rest can go a bit higher

    Aches and pains are often low Vit can take months for them to improve .......I am still waiting for mine to pick up.

    What are you taking?

  • Vit D is Jarrows 5,000iu per day plus the doctor prescribed a monthly vial of 25,000iu .

    I had peroxidase antibodies checked in December, 8 kiu/L

    The lab refused to check the others because i had a normal result with the peroxidase.

  • Diyena Are you taking K2-MK7 with your Vit D?

  • yes, I take it later in the day though.

  • I don't know of a thumbs up smiley so this will have to do :)

  • Yep.....that is normal NHS - they believe it is impossible to have negative TPO and raised TG. It's rare, but not impossible, there are a few members on here that have this.

    Mine are both high, but TG is much higher than TPO

    Might be worth trying gluten free for a month just to see if it helps

  • I personally think your ferritin is high enough at 150, The gp for once is right to say you can stop the supps.

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