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switching from t4 to ndt

I was on 75 levo, until I started ndt last Thursday. I then dropped the levo to 50 and have been on a quarter grain of Nature-Throid and, on advice from Clutter, plan to stay on that for a couple of weeks, so my body can get used to the T3. (I've got poor converstion and high cortisol). However, I have been thinking: a quarter of a grain is only 8.5 mcg T4 and 2.25 mcg T3, so I am down by a few mcg T4. Do I really need to reduce to 50, should I stay at 75, or should I cut a 25mcg in half and add that to the 50?

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I don't think I advised you to start with 1/4 grain. I usually advise people on 75mcg Levothyroxine to switch straight over to 1 grain split into 2 x doses 8-12 hours apart.


Sorry, Clutter.

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Hi, Elijii, my latest Ft3 was 3.6 (0-7.5), with T4 19 (11-22), The 'zero' lower range for T3 is correct, although it looks ridiculous. Should be around 3.5 for the lower range, I guess.


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