Hello everyone. I have Hashi's and subclinical hypothyroidism. I also suffer from endometriosis, ovarian cysts and asthma. My joint pain over the last few yrs started and dr told me i have carpal tunnel but i do not think so because the last year the pain is in my knees and ankles as well. I take Magnesuim citrate, High potency Omega 3s (although I am switching to krill oil, I've done research and it seems better), Multi vitamin/mineral, High potency D3, iron with added C, B12 and folic acid for absorption & recently added selenium with E and Ashwagandha to my regime as well. My question is I heard a lot of good thing about Turmeric. I am looking into this for my joints to relieve inflammation and ease pain. Not sure what to do because some sights says it decreases BP and My pressure is already low. My husband wanted me to ask a dr so my BP isn't dropped too low but these drs do not support natural therapies like herbs!!! Anyone have any advice for me? The pain can be unbearable......

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  • I wouldn't expect a doctor to have a clue. Why not try eating a lot of turmeric in your food first to see it is helps - usually needs to be combined with black pepper for absorption. Of course that will be a lot less curcumin than in supplements, but might give you an idea. Become a curry expert ...

    MSM is often helpful for joints, but you need the powder or crystals to get a high enough dose (you'd be eating a handful of capsules a couple of times a day).

  • thanks you, yes i am trying to look for the best way! even if i put that in my dinner every day that is not enough to help. No where near actually and I have it here though i don't think i want that in my food daily lol. I was looking at that and ginger, but turmeric seems more beneficial. Oh the amount of supplements we use for deficiencies and symptoms due to auto immune is expensive and annoying.

  • HM,

    I absolutely love curcumin (which I take with resveratrol as per Datis Kharrazian) and it has balanced me out and makes my skin glow but it is known to lower BP.

    Looking at your previous thyroid hormone test results, you look under medicated and achieving optimal thyroid hormones might reduce pain and balance BP.

    Endometriosis and ovarian cysts are common in women with low thyroid hormone.

    Are you optimal in Vit D ? ? ....


    Thyroid & Endometriosis.


  • not optimal yet. I am working on increasing D3. @ yrs ago i discovered i was borderline deficient. Last winter it was up to 48 so hopefully 60 now maybe??? Aiming for 100. I wonder if low dose turmeric orMSM would help me without lowering BP? most info says higher amounts lower BP.

  • I believe even the quality of turmeric capsules can vary - so its good you are doing your research :-) Turmeric powder in water first thing in the morning was prescribed to me when I was having Ayeurvedic Treatment in India. I did it for six months in the days when I was looking for answers and 5 years before the Hashimotos diagnosis.

    I am sure it is worth a try.

    Have you looked at diet ? Cutting out gluten can reduce gut inflammation - in case your pain is caused by that. It has been known :-)

  • Yes I have thank you. I cut out a lot of gluten recently but not all together. I am now cutting out dairy as well! I will look into drinking the powder!!! I already take so many pills :(

  • I take tumeric for my fibromyalgi and it gives me great pain relief.. I make this drink..

    I take this every day 4 6 times with pepper and cococanut oil


    2 liters of water

    200 grams of ginger

    2 Organic lemons

    2 tbsp. cane

    (possibly . 3-4 cm . turmeric which gives the beautiful color and is very healthy including substance curcumin ) .


    Peel the ginger and cut into slices

    Cut whole lemons into slices must . Therefore eco - lemons.

    Water, ginger, lemon , (possibly . Turmeric ) and sugar is boiled for 45 minutes.

    Si and cool . Come then bottled .

    Drink 2-4 oz. per day to the anti-inflammatory effect.

  • thank you

  • Hi, /HASHISmom34 how are you getting on with your vitamins and supplements, turmeric in particular. Has it helped?

  • too soon to know yet natv1, i will post in a few wks! hoping for big help!

  • Thanks for your reply. Hope it works too. Good luck.

  • Can you do krill oil w Hashi's? I have Hashi's too and I thought krill oil has iodine, which you are not supposed to take w/ Hashi's. Are you taking NDT or synthetic thyroid meds? If you are taking synthetic that and/or food allergens might be the cause. I'm gluten and dairy free. I had pain before but it's better now. You need to be gluten free w hashi's. Good luck 😀

  • I am about 80% gluten free and totally dairy free. I used to take Pharmecutical grade omega3 fish oil and also tried out cod liveroil in the past. No Krill oil is fine. I switched to that a few wks ago. Krill is suppose to be the best of the 3. I researched. And there is no iodine in krill, at least not mine (NOW foods.) I am on the name brand synthroid (have issues with generic so i cannot take generic) and generic Cytomel, so all synthetic. jmay88 i do have food sensitivities. I have to make sure my supplements are gluten/dairy free. I look for soy free because Soy is like poison for autoimmune especially thyroid disease and you should check for yeast and cornstarch free as well.

  • I'm going to check into the krill oil then for myself. Would you consider changing over to NDT? I think that your symptoms would improve. Great resource: stopthethyroidmadness.com

    Best of luck!!

  • I hear it is not for everyone. I had a friend that changed over to armour and it gave her hyper symptoms. Plus i don't know how i feel about the killing of pigs for the medication. i am pig and cow free.

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