Thyroid and low haemoglobin

I have been reading this forum but this is my post. I am in 200mcg of Thyroxine and still feel pretty dreadful and have researching on this forum about how to improve.

However last week, I went to donate blood and (for the third time) was refused due to too low haemoglobin - so low they told me to go to the GP.

So here I am... The GP ordered a FBC and has shown the following to be low -

Haemoglobin concentrate 104 g/L (120-150)

Mean cell haemoglobin 23 pg (27-32)

Mean cell volume 77 fL (83-101)

Also Harmatocrit 36% (36-46)

My TSH level 3.1 & T4 15.1

I haven't spoken to my GP yet - he sent me for ferritin blood test today.

So I think my question is, I'm obviously aneamic - do you think the years of symptoms that I assumed were due to my thyroid were in fact due to aneamia?

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  • No, the anaemia is due to the hypothyroid and it looks like you are undermedicated.

    There are about 30 trillion red blood cells in the body, each with a lifetime of about 4 months, therefore requiring about 100 million new red blood cells every minute. The red blood cells are made in the bone marrow (the spongy material in the centre of the bones). Most of the red blood cells are made in the portion of the long bones closest to the point of attachment to the body, because that is where temperature is highest.

    However, with hypothyroid the body temperature drops and even these areas have difficulty producing red blood cells. The red blood cells which are produced are normal in size, shape and haemoglobin concentration but there simply are not enough of them. This results in anaemia, which contributes to fatigue.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. Ok so the anaemia is due to the thyroid....

    When you so I'm under medicated do you mean thyroxine?

  • My guess is that your anaemia and other symptoms are indicators that you are still hypothyroid and your current dose of thyroxine is not sufficient.

    If this is the case you could try increasing your thyroxine. Some people however find that NDT or adding some T3 works better.

    It is not possible to advise on medication without blood test results, so if you post your thyroid blood test results, with reference ranges, people on this forum should be able to offer advice.

  • Personally I stopped donating blood as soon as I discovered I had Hashimoto's ....I had been regular donor, but would hate to pass anything on.

    Not sure what Blood service policy is on autoimmune diseases

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